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Teacher quit job and made over £1 million through adult content

Teacher quit job and made over £1 million through adult content

Brianna Coppage has made a million on OnlyFans and other adult sites, but still misses her old job as a high school teacher

A mum who stopped working as a teacher in order to forge a career on OnlyFans says that she’s now absolutely rolling in cash.

Obviously, if you’re successful as an adult content creator, you’re going to pick up a bigger paycheque than you would as a teacher, so this might not come as much of a surprise.

However, Brianna Coppage is here as living proof of that fact.

She resigned from her position as a teacher after students discovered her content, but seems to be finding success in her new career.

The teacher had to have meetings with administrators at St Clair High School in Missouri after her accounts were discovered, as well as having her access to emails blocked and software removed.

Brianna Coppage was earning thousands in extra cash from her second job.

The 28-year-old – who works under a number of aliases including Brinley Love and Brooklin Love – has now been working with a few adult websites, selling content before she even got found out at school.

She always believed that she would get caught though, suggesting ‘it was coming’.

She had been teaching first and second years students at the school, and was making between £6,500 and £8,100 (about $8,000 to $10,000) per month on top of what she was getting from the school.

Now, she says she’s making loads more.

Explaining her situation, she said: “My husband was laid off and things got really difficult – in the past, we had joked about making money on OnlyFans, so this year we decided to go for it.

“We knew that there were risks, but we were in a tough situation.

“But July, we were making around $10,000 per month.”

Since then, she’s made more than a million bucks, and has paid off loans, as well as her student debt.

Still, there are things about her old life that she misses.

Admitting that it has been ‘bittersweet’, she said: “I miss my students a lot,

“Just the connections when they would come into my classroom and tell me things like the milestones in their likes.

“That's definitely been tough to process knowing that I won't go back and have those, but no regrets at this point.”

Despite her financial success, she does miss teaching.

Despite ‘grieving’ the loss of her old career, at least she’s been successful in her new one.

As for the school district, the local superintendent said that they had been ‘recently notified that an employee may have posted inappropriate media on one or more internet sites’.

He added: “Legal counsel has since been sought by the school.

“The district has engaged legal counsel to conduct a comprehensive investigation into this matter."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Bricoppage

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