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Wedding guests in tears after man waits 20 years to make confession to his brother

Wedding guests in tears after man waits 20 years to make confession to his brother

The groom was left in shock as his best man and brother shared the secret in his speech

Wedding speeches are known for getting us all a bit emotional.

A nostalgic tale from the bride's father can make even the strongest among us a blubbering mess after a few too many proseccos.

But, as one man took to the mic at his brother's nuptials, his speech had guests in tears for a completely different reason.

In a viral TikTok posted by @talijoyphotography, the best man confessed a paintball-related secret he'd been keeping for 20 years.

When the unnamed man was a child, his older brother David (the groom) and his best friend Mark were going to play paintball. When he asked if he could join them, they said 'no'.

He ran upstairs to get his stuff anyway, but when he came downstairs they were gone.

The best man left wedding guests in tears with a shock confession during his speech.

"So I picked up a couple of Mark's paintballs and I threw them against the house next door," he said.

The camera quickly pans to the groom, whose face drops in a moment of realisation.

He asks his brother: "Are you serious?" to which he simply responds: "Yes."

The wedding guests start going wild as the best man continues his story.

"David ensured the neighbours and our parents that it couldn't have been him and it couldn't have been Mark because their paintball colour was not that colour."

The groom's face dropped when he realised what was going on.

Another groomsman, presumed to be Mark, holds his hands to his head in disbelief as the groom yells: "No, I got in so much trouble for that."

"[Neither] the neighbours nor our parents believed him and made them clean it up. And I knew I was going to have to tell them eventually but boy was I really wanting to watch TV that day."

He continues: "So I bring this up 20 years later as a wedding gift to him for closure that I am the one that threw those paintballs.

"So thank you for letting me watch TV," he concluded as the room erupted into laughter and applause.

Reddit users were equally in hysterics when the hilarious sibling confession was shared to the platform.

One person wrote: "He even realised it before the brother started explaining."

While another said: "He's been thinking about it daily for 20 years lmao."

And a third commented: "You can tell from his groomsmen’s reactions too that this is a mystery that has haunted him for his entire life lol."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@talijoyphotography

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