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Flight attendant thought she met Snoop Dogg on her flight and asked man for a photo

Flight attendant thought she met Snoop Dogg on her flight and asked man for a photo

A flight attendant mistook one of the passengers on her flight for the famous rapper.

Mistaking a person for someone else can be one of the most embarrassing things to happen to you in public.

It's a pretty awkward situation when you tap on someone's shoulder, or shout them down thinking that they are someone else.

Well, that's what happened to this flight attendant who thought that one of her passengers was Snoop Dogg.

You can see the video below:

In the video, the flight attendant approaches the man, telling him: "You make me feel so short!" before handing her camera to the person filming.

She then jokes: "Come on, short stuff!" before they snap the picture.

The person filming also added that they were the man's cousin and hadn't stopped to correct her assumption, writing: "Y'all know I was instigating the s**t."

What else is family for?

The flight attendant thought that this man was Snoop Dogg.

Since it was posted on X (formerly Twitter), the clip has been watched 2.8 million times and has 630 comments.

The resemblance between the 'lookalike' and the Drop it Like it's Hot artist is presumably the height of the two and the dreads that both sport.

Apart from that, it is quite hard to see many other similarities.

Users on X, however, found the situation hilarious and shared their opinions in the comments.

One user said: "That is Snoop cat", followed by three skull emojis.

Another said: "He looks nothing like snoop dogg."

A third said: "That is NOT snoop dogg."

While a fourth asked why they didn't just tell the woman the truth, writing: "Lmao, why didn't he just tell em he wasn't snoop dogg. this is cruel lol."

The man is known on Instagram as @pound7498.

However, some agreed with her assumption, as one person wrote: "For a split second I thought it was him too."

Someone else agreed: "He really look like him too," while another said: "I would have been confused just as well."

But it appears that the flight attendant hasn't noticed that it wasn't the rapper she'd snapped a pic with since she still has it up on her Instagram at the time of writing.

However, one commenter thought it would be 'awkward' to spoil the woman's fun now, writing: "She looked so happy at that point there's no point in ruining the fun.

"It's gon be real awkward when she gets home tho, and she tells someone she met snoop dogg, and she'll show them the pic, and they'll be so confused."

And another person shared their sentiment, writing: "She's happy, that's all that matters."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chrissyfly/Instagram/@timbo_231

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