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Hawk Tuah girl answers the one big question people have asked since she did 'spit on that thang' video

Hawk Tuah girl answers the one big question people have asked since she did 'spit on that thang' video

Haliey Welch detailed all the things that have changed in her life since her 'Hawk Tuah' video

The Hawk Tuah trend still hasn't shown any signs of slowing down, so you can't blame the girl behind the hilariously explicit catchphrase for milking it for all it's worth.

Haliey Welch has lawyered up, hired herself a manager and is keen to take advantage of pretty much any opportunity that is coming her way - apart from calls for her to join the adult industry.

The 21-year-old has been batting away bizarre offers from 'creepy guys' who were willing to pay up to $600 for her to 'hawk tuah' into a jar, while her spitting skills also managed to spark a new craze on Pornhub.

It was probably to be expected, due to the nature of the viral video which made Welch into an overnight star - but if you were hoping to see more of her on OnlyFans, don't get your hopes up.

She has made it clear she doesn't intend to profit from these kinds of fans, as she's much more interested in getting her merch line of hawk tuah hats to take off.

Earlier this week, we got a highly-anticipated update from Welch about how life has been since footage of her street interview with YouTubers Tim and Dee TV blew up on social media.

She revealed how her parents reacted to her being dubbed the Hawk Tuah girl, clarified what she really meant by her comical choice of wording and opened up about being inundated by 'disgusting' messages from people online.

Now, Welch has brought her growing army of fans up to date on her own social media platform after growing sick and tired of people making fake accounts and posing as her.

In a clip shared to her official Instagram account (@hay_welch), she discussed the pros and cons of viral fame.

She began: "Three awesome things that have changed my life so far since all this has happened.

The Hawk Tuah Girl revealed the pros and cons of viral fame (Instagram/@hay_welch)
The Hawk Tuah Girl revealed the pros and cons of viral fame (Instagram/@hay_welch)

"Number one, I got over my stage fright," Hawk Tuah Girl said. "I sang in front of 80,000 people with Zach Bryan the other night - and I cannot sing for sh*t. But I did it anyway!"

Secondly, Welch revealed she has now quit her job at a spring factory in her hometown of Belfast, Tennessee - which is where she was heading at 2.00am when she realised her bedroom tips had gone viral.

And her third favourite thing about going viral is that she now has a reason to 'get ready more than one time out of the week', with Welch quipping: "I'm not allowed to look like Adam Sandler anymore!'

But the viral star admitted it hasn't 'all been delightful'.

Welch, 23, made it clear she will not be joining OnlyFans (YouTube/TimandDeeTV)
Welch, 23, made it clear she will not be joining OnlyFans (YouTube/TimandDeeTV)

"I have to convince my Pawpaw (grandad) not to shoot the paparazzi outside of our house everyday. Because they've been camped out here for like two weeks.

"Number two, stop asking me for the link in bio for my OnlyFans. I don't have an OnlyFans and there will never be an OnlyFans. I just make funny jokes, that's all I do," she said.

Leave Hawk Tuah Girl alone, you lot!

Welch also said that she is 'tired of the imposters and all of the fake accounts' posing as her on the internet, while also taking aim at those making their own Hawk Tuah merchandise and flogging it online.

She said: "Any of you selling or purchasing merchandise online, it's not from me. It's not approved by me, it's counterfeit - and I'm not making a damn dime off of it.

"But, I just hired a manager and I hired an attorney, so we're coming for you b**ches! But don't worry, I'm launching my merch store very soon and you'll be the first to know where to get your official Hawk Tuah merch, from me."

Social media users said they were so glad to see Welch thriving and making the most of her 15 minutes of fame.

One wrote: "Hawk Tuah for president!"

Another said: "No OnlyFans puts you at the top of the pyramid."

A third added: " Her accent and the fact she don’t give a f*** is quality lol."

A fourth commented: "Good for you girl. Stack that paper!"

While a fifth chimed in: "She is your typical girl with a sense of humour who keeps it real. Can't believe some people are asking if she has an OnlyFans, wtf."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/hay_welch/YouTube/TimandDeeTV

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