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Teacher fired after posting video about farting on students

Teacher fired after posting video about farting on students

Stephen Taylor shared videos of him bragging about lying to his students and farting on them

A teacher was fired after posting videos about farting on his students.

Stephen Taylor was working at Olathe's Mill Creek Campus in Kansas when he filmed the controversial clips from his classroom.

In one of the handful of vids he shared online, Taylor can be heard talking about 'crop dusting', which is, well, you've probably already guessed.

He said: "I crop dust them all the time. I save up big milky lactose intolerant farts. And I drop bombs silently because I’m an adult and I know my body. And then I just let it stew.

"Then I walk away and I go, 'Oh my god', it stinks over there and then they have to sit with it."

Taylor says he was fired for his TikTok videos.

However, while he appeared to find it hilarious, the same cannot be said for his bosses, who were disgusted by the stunt.

And despite his claiming that he could not be fired as they 'need him too badly', it turns out they didn't.

In another post, Taylor told his followers that he had received a cease and desist letter from the school.

He said bosses eventually decided he should leave because he didn't achieve 'the same level of personal responsibility, discretion and professionalism expected in any other form of communication'.

He said: "They don’t understand it. The social media policies are designed for Myspace.

"They are years behind where we are currently at in the world, which is TikTok is alive and well everyone is on it."

He told the Olathe School Board ahead of the vote to sack him that it was a massive mistake.

"You are going to vote at the end of this to fire a teacher who has incredible evaluations, great relationships with students and cares deeply about their success. I am that teacher, and this is all because of TikTok." Taylor said.

In a follow-up vid, Taylor apologised to his students for 'how this went down', saying he was sorry for crop dusting anyone.

However, while he might have preferred to keep his old job, he seems to be doing alright.

According to reports, Taylor's since been offered over a dozen jobs, and is even in the middle of his 'Teacher Shortage tour'.

LADbible has contacted the Olathe Public Schools for a comment over Taylor's dismissal.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/formerlyfatstephen

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