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Woman breaks Guinness World Record for world's loudest burp

Dominic Smithers

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When you're a kid, you dream of breaking a world record.

But while for most that remains just that, a dream, for Kimberly Winter it was very much a reality.

Much like Liam Neeson, Winter, from Maryland, Virginia, has long had a very specific set of skills.

And though she might not be able to hunt down and brutally murder a criminal network of people traffickers, she sure can belch.


Yep, the 33-year-old has absolutely smashed the world record for the loudest burp for a female, which stood for an impressive 14 years.

Winter has long been able to muster a mighty roar from the pit of her stomach.

Late last year, she built up a pretty big following in TikTok after sharing videos of her burping.

Kimberly Winter unleashed hell. Credit: YouTube/Eric Messick
Kimberly Winter unleashed hell. Credit: YouTube/Eric Messick

Encouraged by the support, she eventually purchased a decibel meter, with one of her expulsions reaching 109 decibels.

Winter, who says she modelled her burping on Homer Simpson and Shrek, then got in touch with Guinness World Records to tell them about her achievement.

However, the body told her that she needed to meet certain criteria, such as being performed in a sound-proof room and on a microphone eight feet and two inches away, if her attempt were to be valid.

After emailing her high school band teacher, Winter was told to get in touch with one of her former classmates, Eric Messick, who is a sound engineer.


Messick duly obliged and invited Winter into a studio to attempt the record.

In order to beat it, she had to surpass 107 decibels, which was set by Elisa Cagnoni back in 2009.

She was over the moon. Credit: YouTube/Eric Messick
She was over the moon. Credit: YouTube/Eric Messick

Now, the first three attempts didn't quite make it, with Winter coming out with 97.5 dec, 107dec, and 103 dec.


However, after calming her nerves, she produced a magical burp that reached 107.3 dec, securing Winter's place in the history books.

In a video from the attempt, she can be seen screaming with joy after being told she had done it.

But while she's happy with her record-breaking feat, Winter says that there is definitely more to come.

Speaking to the Washington Post, the mum said that she could go even louder.


“I can be so much louder than that; that was nothing,” Winter said. “I’m really excited that I beat it, but I’m even more excited to break the record again.”

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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Dominic Smithers
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