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Woman 'traumatised' after discovering she had slept with her half-brother through text message

Woman 'traumatised' after discovering she had slept with her half-brother through text message

It turns out she's got a huge number of siblings she never knew about

Let’s be honest, most of us have that person from way back when (or even from yesterday, no judgement) that they can’t believe they ever went near.

Perhaps it was someone from school you regret ever kissing at your mate’s house party or someone from work you slept with after the Christmas do.

But finding out the person you got with has the worst taste in music is certainly not as bad as finding out you’re actually related.

Yeah, imagine the fear of that. It’s the reality for one American woman who was left ‘traumatised’ after realising she’d slept with her half-brother. And adding to the dramatics, she found out by text.

Victoria Hill reunited with her high school sweetheart at a 20-year reunion, where she retold the story of her recent family nightmare.

Victoria Hill.

The 39-year-old’s mum had visited fertility doctor Burton Caldwell when trying to conceive.

Maralee was tricked by the doctor, who told her the sperm would come from an anonymous medical student – but it was actually his own.

Victoria told CNN that she only discovered that her dad wasn’t her biological father after taking a 23andMe test.

The Connecticut woman is one of at least 23 people claiming they were conceived using Caldwell’s sperm.

And as she told this at the reunion, her ex-boyfriend noticed some similarities and decided to take the same genetic test.

It turns out she'd slept with her half-brother.

Victoria later got a text from him reading: “You are my sister.”

She said she’s now looking back at her ‘whole high school experience’ differently as this news ‘tarnishes the whole thing’.

“I’ll just put it out there, I was intimate with my half-brother.”

Turs out, Victoria even went to primary school with another of her siblings unknowingly, as well as visiting a local deli owned by twins she’s related to.

She added: “I was traumatised by this. Now I'm looking at pictures of people thinking, well, if he could be my sibling, anybody could be my sibling."

Victoria's ex text her with the news.

Janine Pierson, one of Victoria’s other half-siblings, is taking action against the retired doctor.

She recalled revealing the news to her mum: “We both just cried for a few minutes because it just felt like such a violation.”

Janine confronted Caldwell who she said was ‘not in any way apologetic’.

Describing the interaction as awkward, she said he admitted that he ‘never gave it the thought that he should have’.

CNN reached out to Caldwell’s wife, but she declined to comment on his behalf.

Featured Image Credit: CNN

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