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Mum discovers her son’s bride is actually her daughter on their wedding day

Mum discovers her son’s bride is actually her daughter on their wedding day

This takes wedding drama to a whole new level

There's always a drama at a wedding.

Whether it's that one person who always gets absolutely trollied, or a family argument making things mega tense on the top table, it's pretty rare that the day goes by without at least one eyebrow-raising moment.

But it's kind of unusual for the groom's mother to realise her long lost daughter is actually the bride.

But this actually happened in China.

The groom's mother apparently recognised her daughter from a birth mark.

According to Times Now News, the groom's mother apparently recognised her daughter, who she was separated from years ago, from a birthmark on her hand.

This prompted her to ask the bride's parents if their daughter was adopted, which they confirmed, explaining she had been found on a roadside 20 years ago.

After they both realised what was happening, the mother and daughter were seen embracing in floods of tears during the wedding in Suzhou, Jiangsu province.

The pair went ahead with the wedding.

After all the commotion, the wedding actually went ahead, but only after it was established that the bride and groom didn't have a biological connection.

This is because the groom, luckily, was also adopted and therefore isn't related by blood.

It's reported that the mother decided to adopt a son after searching for her long lost daughter for many years.

The bride apparently described the reunion as 'happier than the wedding day itself'.

Someone needs to seriously make this into a movie.

In other wedding news, last year, a couple caused a totally different kind of drama after they spent £46 million on their wedding day - and made a registry to match.

Those sending a gift could choose from a $5,400 (£4,230) vase, a $2,950 (£2,340) antique silver four-piece tea and coffee set, a $2,850 (£2,260) bobcat ornament and a $860 (£680) gravy boat.

On the cheaper end of the list was a $24 (£19) wine glass and a $28 (£22) napkin.

The couple seem to be asking for several vases and animal figurines, as well as a rather bizarre candy cane teapot ($530/£420).

People online were pretty disgusted by the outlandish display of wealth, with many baffled over how it was even possible to spend so much money on one day.

The extravagance included flying their guests out on private jets, renting the Palace of Versailles, having a private concert from Maroon 5 and covering absolutely everywhere in flower displays.

You can read all about the big day here.

Featured Image Credit: orientaldaily

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