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Bar Framed A Hole Punched In Men's Toilet And Named It 'Fragile Masculinity'

Bar Framed A Hole Punched In Men's Toilet And Named It 'Fragile Masculinity'

People have praised the bar for shutting down the person who vandalised their wall.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A bar has gone viral on social media after it decided to honour a rather unfortunate event.

It's hard to ensure that everyone that comes through your doors will be on their best behaviour but if something bad does happen, try to take a leaf out of The Lumsden Free House's book.

The bar in Auckland, New Zealand, discovered someone had punched a hole in the men's bathroom and wanted to send a message to others.

Instead of posting a sign saying something like 'Please don't hurt our walls', they erected a frame around the hole.

They pretended it was a work of art and labelled it 'Fragile Masculinity. Author Unknown."

The ingenious creation was snapped by Josh McConnell, who uploaded it to social media, where it absolutely blew up. It's been liked, retweeted and commented on by hundreds of thousands of people.

Some have been supportive of The Lumsden Free House and others have been a little more critical.

One person wrote: "I punched a hole in a wall once. When my dad had just died of cancer after fighting for over three years. This is just mean. You don't know what people are going through."

Someone hit back, adding: "If you can't forget your anger in a pizza shop, the happiest of all places, then life has failed you."

But it seems like that's not the only trolling done by The Lumsden Free House.

The Lumsden Free House/Instagram

It uploaded a snap to Instagram showing managers had taped a sign to the hand dryer in the bathroom warning them it was voice activated.

You can only imagine the number of people, drunk or sober, who would have been waiting for a couple of seconds with wet hands.

Clearly, this place has a few banterous employees.

Just don't punch a hole in one of their walls because you'll be shamed in a way you never thought possible.

Featured Image Credit: Josh McConnell/Twitter

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