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Bodybuilder Calls Out Woman Who Said Girls Find Him More Attractive Before Getting Ripped

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Bodybuilder Calls Out Woman Who Said Girls Find Him More Attractive Before Getting Ripped

A bodybuilder hit back at a woman who claimed he looked better before he got in shape. Watch his response below:


Kevin Clevenger, who goes by the TikTok handle @ironsanctuary, recently posted a video in response to a woman who said she felt that most women would prefer how he used to look.

In a video shared by @healthyalternativemom, we see an older photo of Kevin, prior to his transformation, before it cuts to a much more recent snap, where he looks incredibly ripped and buff.


She says: "This is a perfect example to me of female gaze versus male gaze. Technically, what the female finds attractive is in the first picture."

Not taking too kindly to her comments, Kevin made a video of his own, explaining that he had been preparing for a bodybuilding competition at the time the photo was taken and telling her to mind her own business.

Credit: @ironsanctuary
Credit: @ironsanctuary

And in a follow-up video, sat in his car, Kevin addresses some of the comments he had seen on his vid, in which he used an edited version of @healthyalternativemom's post, cutting out a bit where she says he looks good.


He says: "Yes, I cut that part out. You wanna know why? Because when you say 'but' after something that you just said, it negates everything that you said previously.

"A lot of you were saying that I missed the point of her video, but let's go ahead and delve deeper into this for a second and turn the tables around."

Discussing a hypothetical woman, he explain: "She goes through a body transformation from this to that. Imagine if a dude made a video and said, 'Wow, you look really good on your body transformation but technically men find you more attractive if you have some curves and shape to ya.'

Credit: @ironsanctuary
Credit: @ironsanctuary

"That's totally ok, right, because he said that she looked really good first, but before he said that she was traditionally unattractive."

Kevin then goes onto call out anyone who decides to make a comment on a stranger's appearance or body.

He urges people to be kinder to one another and pay compliments rather than being critical about something that doesn't concern them.

"Looking at another person's body, whether you're male, female, or whatever you identify as, and saying, 'Technically, what most people find attractive is the opposite of what you look like,' is f***ing disgusting," he says.

Credit: @healthyalternativemom
Credit: @healthyalternativemom

Anticipating what people might say in response, he adds: "'She's just trying to make a point about what men find attractive and what females find attractive' - oh, because she's an expert on what the masses find traditionally attractive.

"Attractiveness is completely subjective, and guess what, you're allowed to have your opinions on what you personally find attractive and unattractive.

"If you find a certain thing about someone attractive, go and f***ing tell them!"


He then says: "But if you see something about someone that you find unattractive or not attractive, shut the f*** up!"

Featured Image Credit: @ironsanctuary

Topics: Social Media, US News, Fitness, Health, TikTok

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