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Mum Shares Incredible Hack To Cut Cake Perfectly Every Time

Mum Shares Incredible Hack To Cut Cake Perfectly Every Time

A woman has revealed her mum's incredible life hack to cutting a perfect slice of cake every time.

When you've blown out the birthday candles or taken off the Get Well Soon bit of your cake, the big question is how to divide it up evenly for everyone.

If there are loads of people at your party it can be tough, especially given some will say, 'Oooh, just a sliver for me, please.' But if everyone is happy to get the same sized slice, then this is just the hack you'll need


Mimstercx has uploaded a video to TikTok, showing how her mum uses the end of some BBQ tongs to create the perfect isosceles triangle shape to cut through a cake. You can change the size of the chunk depending on how tightly you grip the prongs.

This utensil isn't exactly as sharp as your traditional knife, which means you might be prone to having some messy looking cake slices. But at least they'll all be the same size.

Since being uploaded to TikTok, mimstercx's video has been viewed more than 5.5 million times.

Credit: mimstercx/TikTok
Credit: mimstercx/TikTok

While her mum doesn't look impressed because she's getting in the way of a perfectly good cake cutting session, she's certainly had a lot of views.

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People have been finding all sorts of hacks during self-isolation and lockdown that could make your life a little easier.

A woman in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, realised there's more to a cereal box than meets the eye.

TikTok user Katy (@katybee2020) filmed herself closing her cereal box in an innovative way that most of us have never thought of, let alone seen in action.


It involves folding the larger flaps down into the box and bending the sides inwards, in turn creating a neat curved top.

In theory, it closes the box more securely, in turn ensuring your cereal never goes stale.

Featured Image Credit: mimstercx/TikTok

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