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McDonald's employee shares simple hack to ensure you always get fresh fries

McDonald's employee shares simple hack to ensure you always get fresh fries

Sad, soggy fries can ruin a whole maccies, let's be real

Mmm, a nice hot maccies burger meal with a large side of steamy, salty fries and a cold syrupy Diet Coke.

A good McDonald’s really just hits the spot. But there comes that utter feeling of heartbreak when you and shove a handful of fries in your mouth and realise they’re barely even warm.

Hey, it happens. Sometimes you’re lucky and end up with the first serving of a fresh batch of hot fries.

And sometimes you draw the short straw and get the sad last scraps of a batch.

However, a woman claiming to work at McDonald’s has shared a simple hack to ensure you always get those delicious fresh fries.

Well, she was actually complaining about the ‘trick’ but it sounds like a pretty easy way to avoid a sad side for your meal.

Shared to TikTok, she simply captioned the clip: “The WORST.”

The woman shares TikToks of her shifts.

Showing that staple tray of fries in the fast-food chain’s kitchen, she says: “If you go to McDonald’s and ask for ‘no salt’ on your fries just to get them fresh and then ask for a handful of salt, you are the worst kind of customer.

“Just ask us to make them fresh.”

And it seems to be an old trick in the book as one Reddit user also previously shared that this tactic does work – and not just on fries.

‘Bzehr84’ says they worked at McDonald’s for four years and had experienced customers trying it for all sorts of menu items.

And maccies lovers backed it as they commented: “If you order a burger or fries always ask them without salt or the seasoning on the burger, they will have to make them fresh since they always put each on them, that is if you don’t mind waiting 5 minutes.”

No one likes a sad fry.
Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Others also said whenever they say they don’t want salted fries they ‘magically get fresh fries’.

It does sound really f**king annoying for the staff though – especially if you’re going to make them throw a fistful of salt packets in the bag.

One worker even put: “I tell the customers we are out of salt packets when they do that.”

While a customer pointed out: “Some people wanna salt their own fries actually.”

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/mcdsgirll/Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto/Getty Images

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