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Woman shares how to get a McDonald’s meal half price ‘every single time’

Woman shares how to get a McDonald’s meal half price ‘every single time’

She's shared the hack on TikTok

A woman has shared a sneaky trick to bag yourself some ‘better than half price’ scran at McDonald’s.

TikTok user Caroline - who likes to share thrifty tips on her @caroline.shops account - shared the hack which she says works ‘every single time’ and gets you a meal for less than half the usual price.

So, what do you have to do? Well, Caroline says you should order yourself a small soft drink for £1.19 and make sure you keep hold of your receipt.

On the receipt, Caroline explains, there’s a web address and a code - so head to the website and put the code in.

Here you’ll be asked to provide some feedback on your recent Maccie’s experience, but Caroline says you can actually bypass the questions by simply saying you don’t want to answer them.

After that, you’ll be sent a voucher or a code which will allow you to get a Big Mac and fries or a McPlant and fries for just £1.99 - Caroline says the code also works for a McChicken Sandwich and fries, a quarter pounder with cheese and fries, a Filet-o-Fish with fries or six McNuggets with fries.

The hack allows you to get a Big Mac for less than half what you'd normally pay.

She continues: “This code or voucher and go and get the food - you then end up with a drink and burger and fries for £3.18, which is less than half of what it would usually be.”

If you fancy getting yourself a medium drink then it will cost you 50p more but you’ll still be making impressive savings on the meal that would usually cost you £6.49.

Caroline also points out that we’re currently in the midst of McDonald’s Monopoly, too - meaning you may win yourself an extra treat.

Commenting on the clip, plenty of fellow fast-food fans said they already used the trick to get themselves cheaper meals, with one person writing: “I do this every time. I also do this all whilst logging into the app at the ordering machines so I earn points too!”

Caroline shared the trick on TikTok.

Another commented: “I have been using this for years.”

While a fellow TikTok user pointed out: “You can use the receipt from the meal you just bought to get another voucher for next time.”

However others had no idea about the hack and were chuffed with Caroline for sharing it.

Someone said: “I didn’t actually know this, thanks!”

“Smart move,” added a second.

You can check out the full T&Cs for the offer here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @carolineshops

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