Man Shows How We've All Been Using Parking Spaces Wrong

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Man Shows How We've All Been Using Parking Spaces Wrong

Parking is one of life's great miseries. But things could be about to get that little bit easier after a man revealed that we've all been using parking spaces wrongly. Watch below:


In a video posted to his TikTok channel, @bigbruva_77 explained how we could all be using the spaces much more economically and also save on the repair bills too.

Going to pick up motor, he proposed that we take note of it and start using the method in our own lives.


He says: "What if I told y'all we've been parking in parking spots wrong the whole time?

"This is where we pick up GM trucks at (showing the white markings on the floor).

"Look how they parked, they parked on the line. And see how evenly spaced they are?

"Imagine if everybody in Walmart parked on the line, it would lessen the amount of dings and give you space to get in and out of your car.


"We've been doing it wrong the whole time y'all."

Since the video was posted, it has been viewed more than 4.5 million times, with thousands sharing their shock and utter amazement at how they had never worked this out before.

One user said: "It's like the line was meant to help us lol."

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

Another commented: "Wow! I can't believe how simple that is."

But not everyone was so convinced. Some felt that it's an unrealistic solution and also could cause more problems.

"That'd be no different than if everyone parked in the centre," wrote one.

Echoing this, another said: "They're only equally spaced because they're all the same vehicle."


"There's not enough common sense for this to happen," sighed a third.

While another asked: "Or just get in the middle with equal space on both sides?"

A couple of people also offered an explanation as to why some car companies park their vehicles like this.

One user, who had witnessed something similar, said: "They do this because then they know their employees were the last to drive it. I have picked up at auctions and asked."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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