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Man Sparks Debate After Argument With Woman Over Airplane Window

Man Sparks Debate After Argument With Woman Over Airplane Window

People can't agree on who was in the wrong

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A man sparked a debate after he shared a video of an argument he had with a woman over an airplane window. Have a look for yourself:

Just like the armrest, control over the window on a flight is an awkward one. Who does it belong to? Who gets dibs? Why do we get so annoyed over it?

In a video posted to his TikTok account, Gregory Hernandez can be seen opening the window blind ahead of take-off.

However, as quickly as he opens it, the woman sat in front of him snaps it back shut, and a fairly testy tête-à-tête ensues, with Gregory eventually slapping the woman's hand away.

He posted the clip with the caption: "Whose window is it?"

And unsurprisingly, a fierce debate was ignited in the comments, with people disagreeing as to whether or not Gregory was right.


One user said: "Don't get a window seat if you don't want the window."

Another chimed in: "If you have to reach behind you, definitely not yours."

A third claimed: "It's really not just your window."

While another added: "It is considerate to close the window so people can sleep, watch movies, etc."

Others piled in to criticise the bizarre placement of the windows on planes, which is a good point, actually.

One user said: "What a weird placement to put a window between seats and not directly next to a seat lol idk whose window it is."

Earlier this year, two passengers were kicked off a flight after an argument over an armrest.

The two men were on a United Airlines flight setting off San Francisco Airport and bound for Las Vegas when the alleged disagreement erupted.

A fellow passenger on the flight took a photo of the scene, saying it was their first time on a plane in over a year.

They said: "On my first flight in 15 months, of course, we were rerouted back to the gate because two passengers got into a physical altercation over elbow placement upon arm rests."

Speaking at the time, a spokesperson for United Airlines told LADbible: "United flight 634 from San Francisco to Las Vegas returned to the gate due to a disruptive incident involving two customers prior to take off.

"Law enforcement officials met the aircraft and soon after, the flight departed for Las Vegas, without the passengers involved in the incident."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ _iamgreg

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