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Man's Video On How English Language Makes No Sense Is Absolutely Spot On

Man's Video On How English Language Makes No Sense Is Absolutely Spot On

A comedian has questioned everything they know about the words we use every day

The English language is renowned for its myriad of quirks and complexities, making it one of the most difficult languages to master. Watch a comedian explain just how weird it can be in the video below:

Being a native speaker, however, it can sometimes be difficult to appreciate just how strange it is, though.

But cabaret performer stage_door_johnny has shared his own insight into the language, covering everything from road names and trains to meats and the past tense.

And he is absolutely spot on.

In a video posted to his page, the comedian pretends to have a conversation with himself, explaining some of the grammatical peculiarities we Brits experience on a daily basis.

"We need a name for a route that connects two points."

"A road?"

"Great, that was easy."


"But if it has buildings on it, call it a street."

"A street?"

"Yeah. And if it's got trees, call it an avenue."

"Trees as well as buildings?"

"Either. Both."

"But I thought a road with buildings was a street?"

"Or an avenue."

"And if it's narrow, call it a lane and if it's wide, call it a boulevard."


And things don't get any easier when it comes to transport.

"Have you got a word for getting off a plane?"

"Board a plane."

"And a train?"


"Yeah, I'm getting bored too. So it's the same for all of them?"


"And what about to get off a ship?"



"Oh, okay. And getting off a train?"


"Alight? That's more like it. And what about leaving a plane?"


But that's not all. What about the past tense? You'd think it would be simple, but nope.

For example, why does 'catch' become 'caught' and 'seek' becomes 'sought' but 'peek' becomes 'peeked' and 'cut' stays the same.

See, aren't you glad you grew up with this language. Imagine having to go through all of this as an adult. Wouldn't bother, would you?

It's not just how we communicate that leaves others baffled, though, an American recently shared the weirdest things she'd noticed about British culture since moving to the UK.

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