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Fireworks Light Up New Zealand Skies As The Country Welcomes In New Year

Fireworks Light Up New Zealand Skies As The Country Welcomes In New Year

The country was among the first to celebrate the arrival of a brand new year

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

It might feel like a difficult concept to grasp if you're currently in the UK but somewhere in the world people are celebrating the New Year already.

One such place happens to be New Zealand, and as the clock struck midnight, Auckland's skies were lit up with an array of fireworks while the blowout got well underway.

Wonder how many people down there are already planning on going to the gym tomorrow (or maybe 2 January because New Year's Day hangovers are A Serious Thing), speaking the dreaded phrase 'New Year, new me' (please God, make it stop) or spouting some crap about how 2018 was the worst year ever.

New Zealand got into the spirit of New Year with a huge firework display.

Revellers gathered in their droves to bring in 2019, which was done in style with a firework display that's getting us pretty excited for our own evening.

Australia will follow suit shortly, while American Samoa will be the last to celebrate as the people there will wait until 11am UK time tomorrow.

According to the Evening Standard, Australia has kicked off its celebrations with fireworks over the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

Sydney is reportedly putting on its biggest-ever firework display - that'll take some beating. The rain isn't even ruining it for people Down Under and, according to the MailOnline, more than a million observers have packed the harbour to watch the spectacle.

Revellers have well and truly got into the New Year spirit.

Here in the UK, London will be hosting a firework display and the weather is expected to hold out for the event.

Forecaster Sophie Yeomans from Met Office explained that there was a 'small chance of slight rain' during the day in some parts of the UK but overall 'most places will be quite dry and mild'.

In New York City, people are expected to crowd Times Square for the famous countdown where the ball is dropped from One Times Square roof - something that has been an annual event since December 31 1907.

So, here's to wishing everyone in New Zealand and the rest of the world a Happy New Year - not a new you though...

Featured Image Credit: Sky News

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