Ricky Gervais Responds to Viral Clip of 'David Brent' Flogging Duvets

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Ricky Gervais Responds to Viral Clip of 'David Brent' Flogging Duvets

CHe's your favourite boss (who's also your mate) but now David Brent's selling duvets on the TV - at least according to one Twitter user.


Twitter user Ben spotted a likeness when watching a duvet salesperson appear on the shopping channel Ideal World, and couldn't resist sharing the clip to his followers - where it has even drawn a response from Brent actor/creator Ricky Gervais.

"I'm sorry but this is actually David Brent flogging duvets on Ideal World," wrote Ben when sharing the clip, and you have to admit that the likeness is uncanny.


In the clip, the presenter says: "[Selling these] doesn't benefit me in any way other except I suppose I get to come back another day and get to keep my job a bit longer - make up for all the other failures, you know."

Without missing a beat he then smirks and says: "Only joking." It's an uncanny impression of the fictional general manager of the Slough branch of Wernham-Hogg paper merchants.

"If you don't buy it it's not like I'm losing money," he says at another point, before signing off with: "I don't swear at my duvet anymore, I swear by it."

The video has drawn a swathe of responses, picking up more than 20,000 likes and upwards of 4,600 retweets.


Gervais himself replied on Twitter to one post about it, writing: "Cheeky f***er". He also joked "Same Chef" in answer to another Twitter user, who asked him if he was related to the presenter.

Ricky Gervais as David Brent in The Office. Credit: BBC
Ricky Gervais as David Brent in The Office. Credit: BBC

Further investigation reveals the Brentisms go deep with the Ideal World presenter, whose real name is Rob Locke.

His Ideal World profile opens by saying: "Echoing the immortal words of Darth Vader, Ideal World proclaimed, 'We would be honoured if you would join us!'


"I'm not sure who they said that to, but I was honoured to join them anyway."

Locke apparently started out in news television before moving into shopping channel hosting on QVC in the 90s.

His career then took a sharp turn when he moved to America in search of acting work - and now he's back in the land of transactional television.

As for David Brent himself? Little has been heard of the character since starring in the full-length film Life on the Road in 2016, with Gervais himself saying he has no desire to record another film or TV series using the character.


Truly, there'll never be another boss like him, someone who's basically a chilled-out entertainer.

Featured Image Credit: Ideal World

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