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'Skinny' House Leaves Social Media Baffled

'Skinny' House Leaves Social Media Baffled

A house up for sale in the US has absolutely baffled the internet after a video of it was posted on social media.

Branded the 'skinny house' by a TikTok user, the two-bedroom property in Illinois isn't exactly your run-of-the-mill home - as the name suggests, it's slightly narrower than your average gaff.

And it has confused people on the internet after TikTok user eli.korn posted a short video of him outside, showing off its bizarre architecture.


Since the video was posted on the site two days ago, it has received more than 316,000 likes, with users left scratching their heads.

Commenting on the short video, one person said: "That's not a house, that's a hallway."

A second put: "This has deeply upset me."

While another asked: "How does someone live there?"

The property is extremely narrow at one end. Credit: Zillow
The property is extremely narrow at one end. Credit: Zillow

Well, in truth, it's not quite as tiny as it appears at first glance and its actual title, the 'pie house', offers a more accurate idea of what it actually looks like. Yes, pie house.

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This is because, while one side of the house is extremely thin, it gets gradually wider at the opposite end.

The property is currently on the market for $269,000 (£206,232), and according to the estate agent, it is something of a local celebrity.


Social Media Users Baffled By Tiny 'Smurf Bath' In Rental Flat

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The advert says: "You can now own Deerfield's famous 'Pie House'!

"This iconic home is larger than [it] appears, with over 1600 square feet of living space including the finished basement. Good natural light with lots of character. This one bedroom (plus one in the basement), two and [a] half bath home has plenty to offer! Open floor plan on main level with hardwood floors."

This comes just a day after reports circulated of a similarly bizarre property in China.

According to reports, a motorway bridge had to be been built around a tiny house in Guangzhou after the owner refused to sell it to the Chinese government for 10 years.


The building is known as a 'nail house' because the owner(s) reject compensation from a developer to demolish it.

So, the new view for this little house is... well, two wings of the newly opened Haizhuyong Bridge.

According to Guangdong TV station, the one-storey house contains a 40-square-metre (430-square-foot) flat and is situated in a pit in the middle of the four-lane traffic link. Dark and noisy - just what everyone wants.

Featured Image Credit: Zillow

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