Time Traveller Claims To Have Brought Us A Photo From The Year 6000

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Time Traveller Claims To Have Brought Us A Photo From The Year 6000

There are some stories you think you'd have to be a total idiot to believe. A guy claiming to be a time traveller from the future is definitely one of those.

Yep, one man has claimed he has returned here after being sent to the year 6,000, proving it by showing us a blurry photo he's taken from the year itself. Not sure about you, but we're definitely convinced.

The time traveller was featured in a video by the Youtube channel ApexTV, a channel known for its 'paranormal and mysterious videos' that says it is most well known for its 'time travel videos'.


Credit: YouTube/Apex TV

The unknown 'time traveller' - whose face is blurred, presumably to save him embarrassment - claims he has a lot to tell us about our future, saying that in four millennia humans have found the cure for cancer and are now governed by artificial intelligence.

He knows that we're likely to be sceptical, so he's brought us a form of evidence: a printed photo of a futuristic city which he takes out of his jacket pocket.

The photo is so blurry it's understandable if you probably think it's a load of bollocks. But apparently there's a very good reason for this.


"In the time travel process pictures tend to get distorted, as well as many other things," the man says. Well, that's convenient.

He goes on to say that he's even seen people's body parts distorted by the time travel process. Well, that would explain his face, I suppose.

Credit: YouTube/ApexTV
Credit: YouTube/ApexTV

Elsewhere in the interview, the unknown time traveller claims that A.I. and humans are on the verge of merging to become a superior life form - a reality that's not far off now, to be honest.


Surprisingly, the guy gets pretty emotional later on in the video as he admits he wasn't alone when he was sent into the future, going along with a friend who unfortunately couldn't make the trip back with him.

At least the man describes the future as 'like a utopia', so we're sure that his mate's probably doing alright.

You don't need to be the sharpest tool in the drawer to ask a few questions about this, but hell, the guy sells it well. I'd definitely watch this if it was a soap opera.

It's all a nice bit of escapism, but it seems like a big load of effort to build a time machine to go to the future. You could always just stick a Muse CD on.

Featured Image Credit: ApexTV

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