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Woman Appears To Defy The Laws Of Physics As She Falls From Rope Swing

Woman Appears To Defy The Laws Of Physics As She Falls From Rope Swing

What happened?!

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Another optical illusion has got everyone on the internet scratching their heads. In a video posted to Instagram, a young woman can be seen leaping from a rope swing before eventually crashing into a river.

We've all seen these videos before but this particular fail has caused a stir because the woman seems to smash into an invisible force field, which knocks her off the swing and sends her spinning into the water below.

Sharing the clip, an Instagram account with the handle @mykashaee, who appears to be the woman's sister, wrote: "2020 hit me hard like.... Happy Monday, friends! I hope my sister makes y'all laugh as hard as I did watching this - On repeat."

Since the video was posted, it's left people asking themselves what in the name of all that is holy have they just witnessed?!

Commenting on the post, one person asked: "What just happened?"

A second put: "What the f*** happened?"

While another added: "I'm so confused!!"

Now, it's unlikely that she collided with some portal to another dimension or that it's a glitch in the matrix. I'm sorry to break it to you.

And though it's not been confirmed yet, it appears that the unlucky thrillseeker got her leg caught in a piece of rope hanging down from the swing, causing her to go head first into the river.

The woman appears to hit an invisible object as she leaps from the swing.

It's not the first time in recent weeks that people have been bamboozled by a trick of the light.

A few months back, a beachgoer spotted a ship appearing to float above the sea.

Monika Shaffner was strolling along the sands at Mount Maunganui in New Zealand and was looking out onto the surf when she saw the boat in the distance.

But unlike most vessels, which float on the water, this one seemed to be hovering in the air.

Posting the video on social media, Monika said: "I filmed this optical phenomenon that made a ship look like it was floating in the air."

Now, as we know, ships can't fly. So, what's behind this bizarre optical illusion?

It's something called a Fata Morgana (Mirage) which, in calmer weather, causes a layer of warmer air to sit over colder dense air, creating the image to be distorted.

And that's not all. Previously, a photograph was posted on Reddit that appeared to show a grey waste bin defying gravity by hovering over a pavement.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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