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YouTuber Fakes Holiday To Bali By Taking Photos In Her Local IKEA

YouTuber Fakes Holiday To Bali By Taking Photos In Her Local IKEA

It's tough when you're struggling to make ends meet but still want your social media feed to be looking glamorous. But if you want people thinking you live the good life then just do what this YouTuber did.

American influencer Natalia Taylor managed to con her 312,000 followers into thinking she had flown to Bali for a cheeky holiday. In actuality, she had just gone to IKEA and had a photoshoot.

"The queen has arrived #bali," she wrote in her first post on Instagram, which was followed up with a bunch of other snaps, all with the location set to the Indonesian hotspot.


Her supporters seemed none the wiser and commented on each post with supportive messages, saying the trip looked amazing.

Comments included 'she's really our there living her best life', 'OMG you are in Bali?!' and 'our Bali princess' - all while Natalie was simply surrounded by the Swedish retailer's flat-pack furniture.

She could have left it at that and nobody would have known any better, however Natalia wanted people to realise social media isn't always truthful about people's lives.


The content creator uploaded a video to her YouTube channel explaining everything.

She told her followers: "It's been said life on the internet isn't always what it seems, especially in today's day and age when it's so easy to pretend to be anyone you want to be.

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"So many influencers nowadays have actually been caught in the act of pretending to be at a particular destination when they really weren't and it's either Photoshop or it's not even them.

"The point of this video is to see if you really can fake it 'til you make it."


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So she organised a photographer to take a bunch of snaps of her having the time of her life at her local IKEA, before testing whether she could pass it off as Bali.

She continued: "Ah yes, Indonesia, a gorgeous getaway full of tropical paradise and exotic photo opportunities, the perfect place to totally fake an influencer vacation and lie to all of my followers."

"We're going to go in IKEA together and see how many pictures we can take in the little furniture displays either before we get kicked out or before things get a little too awkward for our own good."


While the photos don't exactly look like she's holidaying in Bali, she upped the ante on her Instagram story by posting clips of herself 'getting ready' before the flight, looking out of a plane window and at Denpasar Airport - which she got from the internet.

She said on the YouTube reveal: "No one is questioning it at all. Everyone believes I'm in Bali right now.

"It seems painfully obvious that I'm not in Bali. I'm not even posting any of the iconic Bali photos of me on the beach or in exotic locations and I'm getting away with it. That's insane."

She admitted it was tough to lie to her followers, but was happy that she could lift the veil on social media. At the end of the video she encouraged everyone to not believe everything they see on the internet.

Featured Image Credit: Natalia Taylor/Instagram

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