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YouTuber Sparks Backlash After Prank Which Leaves His Girlfriend Dyed Blue

YouTuber Sparks Backlash After Prank Which Leaves His Girlfriend Dyed Blue

The YouTuber has defended the clip, saying the pair find the pranks 'super funny'

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A YouTuber has been accused of taking a joke too far after dyeing his girlfriend blue. You can watch the prank below:

YouTuber Kristen Hanby filmed himself drawing a bath for his other-half Jasmine Woodward, chucking in some blue coloured bubble bath and then adding fabric dye.

The clip then cuts to Woodward opening up the bathroom door while wearing a towel, only to reveal her skin is a deep blue colour.

Hanby laughs hysterically before calling her 'the angriest Smurf'.

YouTube/Kristen Hanby

Later in the clip she appears to see the funny side and can be seen laughing while wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

While couple prank videos are nothing new - Hanby himself has posted several - this one seemed to hit a nerve with many viewers who called him out for his actions.

Posting on Twitter, one person shared the clip writing: "I don't find this funny at all."

And many others were quick to agree with one replying: "I know this is a joke but it still low key abuse, I mean he's humiliating her for social engagement."

Another added: "It's not funny it's sick, also how long will that dye last a day a week, a year, forever?"

Others were concerned about what sitting in a tubful of fabric dye would do to Woodward's body, with one commenting: "Ph balance is probably gonna be off the charts, yeast infection is on the way, skin is going to be irritated as f*** and possibly itchy, the dye is going to take forever to come off of her skin, and this is embarrassing for her. Like this is so ugly of him and not funny."

YouTube/Kristen Hanby

However, some people were quick to point out that Hanby and his partner regularly prank each other and that it's most likely staged for entertainment purposes.

Hanby has also defended the prank saying he and his partner find them 'super funny'.

He told LADbible: "We both find them [the pranks] super funny, just a happy couple playing tricks on each other."

On his YouTube channel, Hanby has clips of previous pranks including Woodward filling his room with mousetraps and one in which he pretends to buy his girlfriend a puppy.

Featured Image Credit: Kristen Hanby/YouTube

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