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Furious residents forced to pay to go in and out of their own village

Furious residents forced to pay to go in and out of their own village

And there are plans to increase the fee

Residents are up in arms at having to pay to go in and out of their own village.

While it might sound a bit strange, people living in Warburton, Greater Manchester, have to cough up the change when they wish to travel out of their postcode for the day.

Yep, for the past 125 years, residents have had to pay 12p for the privilege of using the toll road to the east of the village.

But with it being the only way to cross the River Mersey, without travelling in the opposite direction for an eternity, it's often used as a cut through, leading to massive traffic jams.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Steve Ellis, who lives in nearby Church Green, said: "The bridge is a nightmare. When the motorway has a problem, everyone tries to cut through.

"They don't upkeep it. If you drive over the bridge there's that many potholes you wouldn't believe it."

Steve Ellis is not happy with the plans to increase the fee.
MEN Media

Tempers have also increased of late over plans to carry out some improvement works on the bridge.

Though that might seem like great news, to help fund the £6.3 million project, the company that owns the bridge has announced it plans on raising the price to cross it to £1.

If the plans go through, there will be a 50 percent reduction for residents, but some still aren't happy with the news.

"I drive over the bridge at least once a day," Mr Ellis went on. "If they put it up to a quid, it's going to cost me £4 or £5 a day. It all mounts up.

"They say they can't afford to upkeep it but the turnover of that bridge must be in the millions."

Fellow local, Syd Rasheed, said the plans were ridiculous and he didn't understand why residents were being made to foot the bill.

"We put up with all the inconvenience of the traffic and now we are going to be slapped with higher rates," he said.

Residents say the toll bridge causes backlogs of traffic.
MEN Media

"It's £40 a month for people that are working. It's not affordable and it's coming at a time when people are struggling. This is not a wealthy village."

Another resident, Paddy Ruth, said that he likes having the bridge, but admitted that it can cause some problems.

"At certain times of the day, it is quite noisy," he added. "People can be quite rude on the bridge because they haven't got 12p to spare."

A spokesperson for Peel Ports said that it is the 'best way' to pay for the refurbishment and improvement of the bridge.

In a statement, the firm said: "A 7-day Public Inquiry took place in November 2022 at which MSCC presented the benefits of their Sustainable Investment Plan and Warrington and Trafford Councils and other interested parties were able to articulate the basis of their objections.

There are plans to improve the bridge.
Google Street View

"We await the decision upon the TWAO (Transport and Works Act Order) by the Secretary of State for Transport in terms of the next steps.

"The feedback we have received following our non-statutory consultation shows that upgrades to modernise the facilities, maintain the bridge and reduce travel times are needed and very much welcomed.

“The toll is the best way to fund these much-needed improvements and the current 12p fee has not changed since 1863, and which had to incorporate the introduction of a VAT liability. Users of the bridge deserve facilities fit for the 21st Century which will ultimately ease congestion, reduce tailbacks and improve the general flow of traffic in the area.

“The current toll is one of the lowest in England and will not fund the capital investment needed to support the maintenance and modernising of the facilities motorists are in favour of.”

LADbible has contact Peel for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: MEN Media

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