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Brits warned over 'treacherous' conditions as UK becomes colder than Iceland

Brits warned over 'treacherous' conditions as UK becomes colder than Iceland

Last night the UK was colder than Iceland and conditions on the roads are even worse now

Brits have been warned that they face yet another day of incredibly dangerous conditions on the roads after the freezing cold weather persisted and in many places it got even chillier.

In some parts of Scotland the temperatures plummeted to -15C, making parts of the UK colder than Iceland.

Braemer in Aberdeenshire set the record for the coldest night of the year in the UK and the weather warnings from the Met Office indicate that the freezing conditions are expected to continue for another few days.

The risks posed by ice and snow means many schools will be shut and many people's commute into work has been made a lot more dangerous.

There are already major delays on roads and railways which throw a wrench into the travel plans of many Brits, with motorists sharing information on the treacherous conditions they've faced on the roads.

The weather is leading to very dangerous conditions on the UK's roads.
Rob Gray/Alamy Live News

During the cold snap and the difficult conditions on the roads, AA president Edmund King has issued a warning to people in parts of the UK which are really suffering from the wintry conditions.

He recommended that people only make journeys if they really have to and gave them some advice on what to pack if they really felt they needed to get into the car.

He said: "In areas of the country impacted by snow and ice, drivers should only travel if they really need to.

"Before setting off, make sure all snow and ice is cleared from windscreens, mirrors, and lights. Most importantly, people need to drive to the conditions which means slowing down, while allowing more space between cars in front and allowing more time to travel.

"Take some warm clothing, charged mobile, food and drink. It is also worth having a sack or piece of carpet in the boot so that if you do get stuck you can place it in front of your driving wheels to get traction."

AA spokesman Jack Cousens added: "Motorists should take real care over the coming day as driving conditions in large parts of the country will be treacherous with ice.

“While main roads and motorways will be the priority, many smaller suburban and rural roads won’t be cleared."

Even conditions on major roads are difficult.
Paul Lawrenson/Alamy Live News

The Met Office has continued to issue yellow weather warnings alerting Brits to the dangers of snow and ice on the roads, with them warning especially of icy patches on 'untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths'.

Warnings for ice and snow are in place for much of Scotland and north eastern parts of England, with spokesman Oli Claydon saying some parts of the country would be hit by 'heavy snow'.

With dangerous conditions on the roads, breakdown services have seen a significant increase in demand as collisions and car troubles persist.

The RAC were 'exceptionally busy' on Monday (12 December) and said they were experiencing 50 percent more demand than they would expect for a Monday in December.

Meanwhile, the AA has said they're having to prioritise existing members and are not currently taking on anyone new who's not already signed up to their services.

Featured Image Credit: @Amanda_does@ProtonInspector/Twitter

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