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Wayne Lineker organises baffling tribute to the Queen at Ibiza club

Wayne Lineker organises baffling tribute to the Queen at Ibiza club

Everybody grieves in their own unique ways, and Wayne Lineker picked a really weird way to pay tribute to the Queen

Wayne Lineker has paid tribute to the passing of Her Majesty the Queen in what is perhaps the strangest way possible.

Many people around the world are grieving following the Queen's death, as the loss of a figure many had come to see as a comforting constant has hit hard.

Heartfelt tributes to the late Queen have been sent from all across the globe as many world leaders signalled their respect for her seven decades of service and her sense of duty.

And then there's Wayne Lineker, with the Ibiza nightclub owner deciding to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in his own, unique, incredibly bizarre way.

It seems unlikely, but maybe it's what she would have wanted?

Posting a video to his Instagram, Lineker showed footage of himself and a friend getting up on stage in Ibiza followed by a troop of scantily clad women wearing bearskin hats.

Lineker's friend gave a speech announcing that as Brits they couldn't let the passing of the Queen go by without a tribute, calling on the crowd of partygoers to cheer for Her Majesty.

He also pointed out balloons of a London bus and Mary Poppins for partygoers turned impromptu mourners to enjoy.

Lineker's friend also noted that the girls on the stage were dressed as Beefeaters, the historic and ceremonial guards of the Tower of London.

It's not really the main point here, but those women are not dressed as Beefeaters and that's partially because the traditional Beefeater garb does not have gaps to show off the wearer's belly, thighs and backside.

However, it's mostly because with the big bearskin hats what they're actually dressed as are the monarch's guards, though like the Beefeater outfits their uniforms likewise do little to show off the wearer's figure.

This is what the Beefeaters actually wear. Checkmate, Wayne.
David Goodwin / Alamy Stock Photo

Anyway, back on the subject of the tribute, the girls then saluted as the UK national anthem was played, with many in the crowd joining in with singing the lyrics.

That was followed by yet another cheer for the Queen, and all in all while a very weird tribute it was probably about as respectful as a crowd of drunk partygoers in Ibiza would possibly be.

I'm sure that somewhere out there is a universe where it's what she would have wanted, though the Queen herself was not known to be a fan of going out on the lash or having a mad on in Ibiza.

Her Majesty was more of a quiet fan of a Dubonnet and gin before lunch.

Featured Image Credit: @waynelineker/Instagram

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