Boy, 2, With 40-A-Day Smoking Habit 'Goes Berserk' If People Don't Feed His Addiction

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Boy, 2, With 40-A-Day Smoking Habit 'Goes Berserk' If People Don't Feed His Addiction

I'm not usually one to tell other people how to raise their kids, but...

An Indonesian boy has, according to local reports, developed a 40 fags a day habit by the age of just two. Two!
I know the world is going to pot and nothing really matters anymore as the ice caps melt and the sea levels rise around us, but jeezo, two-year-olds smoking.


Rapi Ananda Pamungkas, who is two-and-a-half years of age, got into the cigs by picking up the leftovers from his mother's cigarettes outside her stall in Sukabumi, Indonesia.


Naturally, his parents initially thought this was hilarious - because what isn't funny about a toddler puffing away on used tabs - but the joke began to ring a little hollow when young Rap, as he is known, started throwing temper tantrums when he wasn't given more.

It's almost like cigarettes are really addictive or something.

"My child is used to smoking while drinking coffee and eating cake," said his mother, Maryati, 35. "He has been smoking every day for around two months. If I don't give him a cigarette, my child goes berserk.

"If Rapi doesn't get cigarettes he cannot sleep. He will start rampaging and crying. It's expensive, because we have to buy them for him. He likes to do it all day. He can smoke about 40 every day."

I mean, there are a lots of ways that this could be solved. I presume that a two-year-old toddler would struggle to light cigarettes, so y'know...stop doing that. Or just don't buy them for him.

These steps seem slightly beyond his father, Misbahudin, who is also a smoker, but as he is aged 40 and not two (two!) is completely allowed to do what he wants.


"I cannot say no to him when he asks for a cigarette," he said. "I don't even smoke that often. I only smoke at work. When my son smokes he likes to have a cup of mochaccino."

Toddlers probably shouldn't be drinking coffee as well, but let's start with the baby steps on this one.

The couple have said that they intend to take their son to a doctor in the hope that he can kick his habit, which I suppose is a sign of progress.

Indonesia has one of the highest smoking rates in the world, particularly among the young, with an estimated nine percent of under-18s regularly smoking. Which is great. Good job, everyone.

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