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Candidate In Canadian Election Wants Men To Stop Ejaculating

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Candidate In Canadian Election Wants Men To Stop Ejaculating

A man who is running for the Canadian Parliament is also a YouTube guru who teaches men to not ejaculate.

Politics is a strange old game, isn't it?

If we're talking strange, Nicholas Pereira seems to be right up there with the best of them.

He's running for office in Saint-John Rothesay, New Brunswick, for the People's Party of Canada, who hold some pretty out-there views on vaccinations, climate sciences and immigration.

Credit: YouTube/Nakula Das
Credit: YouTube/Nakula Das

However, perhaps even more interesting is Pereira's second life as Nakula Das, whereby he runs a YouTube channel encouraging men to retain their semen.

His videos - we've checked them out so you can keep your browser history squeaky clean - address his followers as 'semen retention soldiers' and sometimes begin - as you see above - with a salute to those aforementioned 'soldiers'.

Here's an example of the sort of thing we're talking here.


He also offers up some choice bits of advice on topics such as 'testicle breathing' - whatever that is - on his Instagram.

In a recent post, this man - who, let's not forget, is running for political office - states: "Breathe deeply into your balls. Imagine your testicles expanding like lungs. When you exhale, imagine your testicles deflating like your lungs would.

"Most men never breathe into their balls consciously."


Suddenly Count Binface and Lord Buckethead seem like level-headed and erudite candidates for Parliament.

Pereira has made more than 130 videos about how not ejaculating can give men a better life, and he's even helpfully offering to teach them how they can maximise their potential.

Of course, you'll have to sign up to one of his paid webinars.

Credit: Instagram/Nakula Das
Credit: Instagram/Nakula Das

On his Patreon account, which is a way that subscribers can pay a monthly fee to hear his wisdom, he states that he 'is creating an Army of Semen Retention Practitioners' and a forum 'where men don't cum to transform their lives'.

Should you wish to join him, he says you'll become a 'sexual alchemist' and 'a powerhouse both in and outside the bedroom'.

Lord, it sounds too good to be true.

Pereira isn't too happy about his dual-life having been exposed, and has complained that his ejaculation rejection has been publicised more than his politics.


On Twitter, he wrote: "The mainstream media is trying to discredit me in my political campaign using #semenretention & #nofap.

"They are attacking the truth at every angle because people are waking up."

Credit: YouTube/Nakula Das
Credit: YouTube/Nakula Das

In the last election, the PPC candidate for Saint-John Rothesay won just three percent of the vote, and the current projections suggest it's going to be between the Conservative and Liberals at this next election.

However, the PPC has gained a bit of traction recently by tagging onto the anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown movements, and - while they're unlikely to win any seats - they could have an effect on the overall results by taking votes from other parties.

We'll just have to see whether Pereira's unusual techniques really can propel him to his full potential.

In response to a request for comment, Pereira told us: "The practice of semen retention is not new, in fact it is an ancient practice that many men such as Steve Jobs, Terry Crews, Mike Tyson and Mohammed Ali all use or used.

"This lifestyle is changing men's lives from around the world in a positive way.

This practice is not political and not part of the platform but I am happy the concept is being introduced to so many new men"

LADbible has contacted People's Party of Canada for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Nakula Das

Topics: Weird, Canada, Politics

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