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Dan Bilzerian Gets Armenian Citizenship And Registers For Military Service

Dan Bilzerian Gets Armenian Citizenship And Registers For Military Service

Dan Bilzerian, known as the 'King of Instagram', just signed up for the Armenian military as part of gaining citizenship there

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

Dan Bilzerian is a man so ridiculous that if he didn't exist, someone would have to invent him.

The self-declared 'King of Instagram' has made a name for himself on the platform, with a profile that has to be seen to be believed. It's usually a combination of him with women, cars and guns, sometimes all three, and it has managed to garner him almost 24 million followers.

If you like guns, women and cars - or least, you like following someone vicariously that does - then give him a follow.

Dan Bilzerian's ludicrous Insta isn't really newsworthy, but he has made waves this week for a strange and quite unexpected reason: apparently, he's joined the Armenian military.


Now Bilzerian is of Armenian descent and according to reports in the country, he has applied for citizenship, with all of the obligations that that entails.


"Dan and Adam Bilzerian have just participated in an oath ceremony on the occasion of receiving Armenian citizenship," said Mnatsakan Bichakhchyan, Head of the Passport and Visa Department of the Armenian Police, in a Facebook post accompanied by a photo of himself with the brothers.

Mr Bichakhchyan also shared a photo with Paul Bilzerian, the pair's father.


It is unknown whether Dan and Adam will have to serve in the Armenian military, but all male citizens are required to perform national service or face criminal prosecution.

"Citizens of the Republic of Armenia that have dual citizenship must participate in the defence of Homeland, by reporting at the location prescribed by the draft entering into military service on voluntary contractual basis," according to the Armenian government website.

"If you failed to implement your obligations then a criminal case is instituted in Armenia and you are wanted under the Armenian legislation."

The Bilzerian brothers could pay a fine of 3.6 million Armenian Dram to avoid serving, roughly the equivalent of £5,700, which if the filthy lucre on Dan's Instagram is anything to go by, probably isn't that much to him.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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