Donkey In Pakistan Is Arrested On Gambling Charges

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Donkey In Pakistan Is Arrested On Gambling Charges

Police in Pakistan have arrested a donkey after accusing it of being involved in a race that saw people put bets on it.

In the bizarre story, a video of the animal being tied up outside a police station while they presumably waited to interrogate it has gone viral, with people, understandably, finding it hilarious.

The incident took place in Rahim Yar Khan city, which is in eastern Pakistan's Punjab province, over the weekend.


Local police decided to question eight men, on suspicion of them gambling in public - which is a crime in the country.

They were said to be placing bets on a donkey race. But when the officers went to arrest them, they also decided that the donkey was a menace to the public, and took it along with them, according to Samaa TV (Urdu) News.

On arresting the suspects, police also recovered 120,000 Pakistan Rupees (approx £571), which they claimed were being used to bet on the donkey race.

All nine of them - donkey included - were arrested on the basis of 'prevention of gambling ordinance' in the Punjab province.


In Pakistan, it's illegal to gamble in public places. The penalty can vary, from a fine of 500 rupees (£2.38) to a maximum of one year in jail - or in some cases, both a fine and jail term are given.

If individuals are found guilty of gambling in private facilities, the penalty can be even higher.

Those convicted face a monetary fine of up to 1,000 Pakistani Rupees, as well as a term of imprisonment of up to two years - or again, in some cases, they could be hit with both time in prison and a fine.

It's not confirmed whether these terms also apply to livestock found guilty of gambling charges.

Some of the money recovered from the scene of the crime. Credit: Samaa TV
Some of the money recovered from the scene of the crime. Credit: Samaa TV

Speaking to local media, SHO of Rahim Yar Khan Police Station B Division said: "The donkey has been arrested as it has been named in the FIR along with other suspects. The donkey has currently been tied outside the police station."

In another report by, the SHO also confirmed that since the accused men and the donkey have been arrested on the spot, and they have also all been named in the 'first information report' (FIR), none of them can be released.

Featured Image Credit: Samaa TV

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