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Expert Says That Sex Robot Manufacturers Should Advertise To The Elderly

Expert Says That Sex Robot Manufacturers Should Advertise To The Elderly

To be fair, she might have a point

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A professor has suggested that older people should use sex robots, and called upon the makers of them to think more towards an elderly crowd instead of marketing towards young straight men.

Professor Nancy Jecker reckons that more good could be done by targeting the sex robots towards the elderly in order to fight 'impaired sexual functioning'.

Jecker, who is a professor of bio-ethics and humanities at the University of Washington, published her slightly unusual findings in the Journal of Medical Ethics and claimed that the sex robot manufacturers have been targeting the wrong group of people.

In 'Nothing to be Ashamed Of: Sex Robots for Older Adults and Disabilities', Jecker argues that that current generation of sex robots are obviously sexist, racist, and ageist because they're all aimed towards a younger white male demographic.

As we've heard, she believes that they should be aimed towards the older folks, who are perhaps more in need of a bit of a release.


Speaking to the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business, she said: "I'm calling on industry to market themselves to an older clientele, a clientele that has age-related impairment of sexual function."

The professor is well qualified to talk about this sort of thing, too. She's written more than 200 articles and four books on the subject of ageing and ageing populations.

She's also a visiting professor at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa as well as the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and has also served on the board of the American Society for Bio-ethics and Humanities.

Basically, she knows her stuff, and perhaps we should listen to what she has got to say on the matter.

She reckons the elderly need these sex robots.

Instead of catering to the young folks, Jecker argues that manufacturing sex robots for the aged could shift the perception of them and promote intimacy and emotional connections.

If you say so, Nancy.


She continued: "There is a tendency to think of older adults as needing protection rather than having sexual needs and desires,

"Those who focus on the pleasure principal short-change the argument and miss it.

"We're an ageing society and ageism is a serious problem. A great outcome would be for people's eyes to open up and be aware."

There you have it. Let's see how long it takes before you can get hold of one of those in a residential home.

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