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John Fury Squares Up To TV Screen During Jake Paul Press Conference

John Fury Squares Up To TV Screen During Jake Paul Press Conference

John Fury was joined at the press conference by Tommy Fury, world champion Tyson Fury, and Jake Paul via a video link

John Fury squared up to a TV screen whilst delivering a tirade to Jake Paul at the virtual press conference ahead of Paul's fight against Tommy Fury.

Love Island star Tommy was joined by his dad John and brother - and heavyweight champion of the world - Tyson Fury today (24 November), as well as promoter Frank Warren.

Paul decided to do the press conference whilst wearing sunglasses and a straw hat floating around in a pool, whereas the three Fury men sat on a stage in front of the TV.

John seemed to become particularly vexed by Paul's antics and even got up to square up to the screen at one stage.

"You thank your lucky stars that I'm banned from your country", he told Paul.

He also told Paul that he would 'spark' him.

BT Sport

The fight on December 18 represents the first time that Paul has actually taken on a career boxer, having fought against MMA fighters, other YouTubers, and basketball players so far.

Whilst the technical ability and boxing knowledge of the younger Fury brother could potentially give him the upper hand, it is undoubtedly the biggest fight that he has ever fought, and he'll have to show that he can live up to the pressure of the occasion.

Elsewhere in the exchange, which was largely unintelligible and unedifying, Paul called the patriarch of the Fury family a 'cringe old man' and said that he was attempting to live his life through his sons.

Weirdly enough, on this occasion, Tyson Fury - who is usually the man attraction - took a bit of a back seat and remained pretty level-headed.

Before the conference, John had revealed that his younger son would be earning more than 'some world champions' for the fight at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida.

He told Rob Moore: "Listen, Tommy's getting paid more money for this than some world champions.

"He's getting paid in the millions, so if we get millions for getting wet we're gonna do it, because it's good business."

Back at the conference, John Fury further ranted: "You're rubbish with a capital R. I don't know who has been blowing smoke up your ringer, but you're rubbish."

BT Sport

Responding to Paul saying his son has fought nobody, John shouted: "You're the only nobody.

"You're copping it mate, and I can see the fear in your eyes."

He also made a succession of comments about Jake Paul's girlfriend that don't bear repeating here, before Tyson said: "Can we wrap up then? Before my dad gets himself into a world of trouble."

We didn't learn a great deal from the press conference other than that the sideshow of YouTube boxing is alive and well, and now the professionals are getting dragged into it.

Either way, the fight will draw a huge audience, and we can only hope that it gets better once the talking stops

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury will be available on BT Sport Box Office on December 18.

Featured Image Credit: BT Sport

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