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New footage sees Big John Fury mooning KSI at fight press conference

New footage sees Big John Fury mooning KSI at fight press conference

Big John Fury is winding up KSI again ahead of Tommy Fury's fight against him tomorrow.

Big John Fury has been causing more trouble ahead of his son Tommy Fury's match tomorrow.

John, the father of both Tommy and heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, has been by his 24-year-old son's side ahead of his big boxing match against YouTuber KSI tomorrow (14 October).

And as any of us could have predicted, Big John, 59, has been causing absolute havoc - just yesterday, he was removed from a fighting cage after trying to punch his way through to KSI.

This followed John throwing a bottle of water at the YouTuber, for KSI to attempt to spit on the former professional boxer from the balcony above him.

And now, John has been causing yet more chaos as he proceeded to moon KSI during another press conference ahead of the match.

In a clip shared online, Tommy is heard admitting that he can't hear the person talking to him because his dad is causing such a scene behind him.

Right on queue, John then proceeds to pull his pants down and show his bare bum in KSI's direction.

John Fury mooned KSI at a press conference.

He then appears to try step on stage for a security guard to block his path.

His actions have received a mixed response online, with some labelling the stunt as 'embarrassing'.

"Fully grown man this BTW wow just embarrassing," someone said.

"Dude is embarrassing," echoed another, while a third went on: "What an embarrassment!!!"

Elsewhere, others saw the more comical side of things and replied to the clip with a series of laughing emojis.

Ahead this evenings incident, KSI said he was 'bored' of John's antics.

"He's just an idiot," he told SPORTbible. "I'm sick of him. I'm bored of him.

"It's just the same thing; a crazy guy doing crazy things and taking all the pressure away from Tommy Fury."

Logan Paul is Tommy and KSI's undercard for tomorrow's highly anticipated match, with Logan himself also ending up in some press conference drama this week.

His opponent for the weekend Dillon Danis threw a punch at Logan as the pair trash-talked one another.

Apparently, it left Logan with a minor head injury.

KSI also said in his chat with SPORTbible: "I went to see Logan after the incident and he's fine. He's all good and ready to fight.

"He's just very angry. He was bleeding a little, but it's fine."

KSI insisted that it was only a 'very small cut'.

Meanwhile, Logan kept up appearances online and took to X after the scrap.

He penned: "Dillon can’t escape me. The fight is very much happening, the stakes just got higher."

Featured Image Credit: X/@MichaelBensonn

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