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Lace Shorts For Men Are Here To Keep You Chilled This Summer

Lace Shorts For Men Are Here To Keep You Chilled This Summer

Maybe you could pair these with long white socks, flip flops and your favourite bum bag (worn across your body, obviously)

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Men's fashion. Well, fashion in general. It's a risky ol' game, isn't it?

Have you noticed all the chequered tailored trousers matched with a tan loafers knocking around recently? If you haven't, please visit any pretentious bar you know and laugh your socks off (because how underrated are socks?). Well, let me introduce you to the next big thing - the lace short-shirt combo.

They sound pretty breezy, don't they? Oh, and there's also a jumpsuit as well.

Feast your eyes on these.
Hologram City

You might be joking now but you won't come July/August when every Tom, Dick and Harry are rocking them and feeling cool AF (in the most literal of ways).

Hologram City are the masterminds behind these lace two-pieces, they're a company based in Los Angeles and have launched the lace see-through collection called 'Lace Me Up'.

The cheeky garments come in pink, blue, purple, black and white. The colourful pieces along with the black version will set you back $42 (£32) for the shirt and the same for the shorts. That makes it $84 (£65) for the lot, barg?

Are they pockets? Practical and cool...
Hologram City

The white one is a little cheaper at $38 (£29) for the shirt and $35 (£27) which makes the co-ord $73 (£57).

If none of those tickled your fancy maybe the black lacy jumpsuit will? At $74 (£58) with an elastic waist you can struggle to piss the night away.

The shirts feature a lace collar and clear buttons down the front. But it's the shorts that really stand out - with not one... not two... but three pockets, they're practical as well as enabling you to stand out from the crowd. What more could a guy want?

The black jumpsuit could be yours for a little as £58.
Hologram City

There's a white metal zipper and a clear button with added waist band belt loops for extra comfort.

Head to toe see-through? This is devilish, isn't it? But if you weren't feeling daring enough to go nakey nakey nakey underneath what about finishing off this ensemble with a white tee?

Alternatively, if you really wanted to keep up with the rather unique look what about wearing the ASOS crop top?

Alternatively, get your chequered trousers back out and look like everyone else...

Featured Image Credit: Hologram City

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