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Man Buries His Dad In Brand New BMW

Man Buries His Dad In Brand New BMW

He splashed £66,0000 on the car to bury his beloved parent

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Dying is actually quite a costly business. Hopefully this won't be something you've had to spend too much time pondering, but funerals cost coin.

According to recent figures from SunLife, your average UK funeral costs around £4,250, meaning that at this point in time, I'm too skint to even die.


Over in Nigeria, however, one man has decided that money is no object when it comes to burying his beloved dad, having splashed out on a £66,000 BMW in which to lay his papa to rest, rather than your usual coffin.

The son, who has named only as Azubuike, had reportedly always promised his late Da that when the time came for his burial, he would do it in a flash car.

Now, with the man being dead, he didn't actually have to go through with this, because how would he ever know? But our man was true to his word and picked out the fancy car from a showroom days before the burial.

News outlet reported that Azubuike thought burying his dad in the German luxury car was the ideal tribute.

Jamie Pyatt

A photo from the scene shows the car being lowered into a very wide grave, which was reportedly dug by hand, via some logs that were put in place by pallbearers. I think we can safely assume no one carried this particular casket, can't we?

Locals have apparently joked that the car's built-in sat nav will help the man find his way to heaven.

However, not everyone thinks it was a worthwhile investment - since the photos have appeared on social media, many have critisised the man for spending so much on a car no one will ever use.

One person wrote: "Buy the car for your parent while he is still alive if you are moneyed and bury them with a decent coffin but this is just being foolish and showing off."


Another added: "Insanity and selfishness, regardless of the fact that is your cash."

Personally, I think it's the fella's money and if wants to spend so much on this bizarre funeral then leave him to it, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Jamie Pyatt

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