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Man Has Whole Fish Stuck In Rectum After 'Sitting On It By Accident'

Man Has Whole Fish Stuck In Rectum After 'Sitting On It By Accident'

Medics didn't seem to believe him

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward


A man who had to get a fish surgically removed from his rectum reportedly told a nurse that he 'accidentally sat on' the animal.

The unnamed 30-year-old man was treated in the accident and emergency department of Zhaoqing First People's Hospital in China's southern province of Guangdong on 3 June.

Grim images of the animal and various x-rays show that regardless of the method, the fish was well and truly stuck up there.

CT scans revealed that the full thing was stuck in the rectum, with the patient complaining of 'intense abdominal pain' that lasted over an hour, according to reports on 5 June.

When a nurse questioned him on it, the patient claimed he'd 'accidentally sat on' the fish, which then entered his body via his anus.

Seems legit.

Asia Wire

A chat transript has circulated on China's social media service Weibo. It states that the healthcare worker responded, saying: "Do you think I'm an idiot?"

The man had to have an emergency endoscopy - the images show the skeleton of the fish (which was a Mozambique tilapia if you're interested) in his rectum.

The report also stated that medics tried repeatedly to get the dead fish out, but it was too large.

Its spiny fins had also caused the patient's large intestine to rupture, which meant surgeons were then forced to open his abdomen up.

The fish was eventually retrieved from his bowels. To make matters even more disgusting (if that's possible), medics were reportedly gagging at the smell in the operating theatre.

The male patient is not thought to have been in any life-threatening condition, while it is unclear whether the tilapia was dead or alive at the time of insertion.

He's not the first person to recently get a foreign object stuck somewhere that you might not expect it to be.

Doctors at a hospital in India were left baffled after they discovered a two-foot-long phone charger inside a patient's bladder.

The man turned up at the hospital last week - 31 May, to be exact - complaining of abdominal pain, but nobody could have imagined that the pain was being caused by an entangled ball of charger cable stuck inside his bladder.

According to the doctors, Islam must have been swallowed or inserted deliberately for 'sexual gratification' - and it turned out that he had previous.


The X-ray scan is quite something to behold.

A team of medics performed a 45-minute surgery at the Guwahati hospital in the north of India to get the lead out of him.

Featured Image Credit: Asia Wire

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