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Man Who Dated Cockroach For A Year Say Humans Aren't As Hot As Lisa

Man Who Dated Cockroach For A Year Say Humans Aren't As Hot As Lisa

Well, when you've met 'the one' you know.

It's a pretty special moment when you realise you've met 'the one' - that one significant other being you want to spend your life with, it's said to be something to never let go.

Well, that's exactly what one man can't do after he lost the love of his life, Lisa, after dating her for a year, until she passed away.

The man has opened up about 'dating' a cockroach.

Lisa was 'the one' for Japanese man Yuta Shinohara - Lisa was also a cockroach.

That's right, Yuta was in a committed relationship with a cockroach and although they were never really physically intimate, he definitely dreamt about it.

In an interview with Asian YouTube channel Asian Boss that he dreamt about sex with Lisa - but never actually attempted it in real life because, and these are his exact words, 'the size doesn't fit'.

He said: "It could've been my imagination, since I got too attached over time, that I started to feel as if we were communicating.


"We were 100 percent serious. No human girl was as attractive as Lisa. Lisa was my first love, I pictured doing it with her many times because I really liked her.

"I know it's impossible, but I imagined a world where cockroaches become supersized or I become small."

However, after only a year with Lisa, Yuta had to say goodbye to his love when she died - but, fortunately for Yuta, Lisa will live on inside him because he ate her.

Yes, that's right - he actually ate his dead cockroach girlfriend.

He explained in the interview: "The day she passed away was difficult, but I knew it had to come since she was a cockroach with a short life span.

"With that in mind, I ate her in reverence. So now, Lisa lives in my heart and continues living as part of my body."

The 25-year-old is an entomophagist, meaning he eats insects as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to animal-meats, which is highly commendable.

He went on to explain that there is a wide variety of flavours available from eating bugs, adding that caterpillars taste like rice cake. Lovely.

Yuta generally doesn't see humans as attractive as insects, so perhaps one day - when the emotional scars heal from his loss - he will go on to find a new love, maybe something with a longer life-span?

If all this has got you feeling in the mood for Valentine's Day, or simply thinking of your ex's, there is a conservation society that is allowing people to name a cockroach after their former partners for only £1.50.

Who says romance is dead?

Featured Image Credit: AisaWire

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