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Man who spends £2m a year to get 18-year-old’s body brags about his erections with bizarre proof

Man who spends £2m a year to get 18-year-old’s body brags about his erections with bizarre proof

He follows a gruelling - and at times painful - regime to try and turn back the years

The bloke who spends millions each year in an attempt to age backwards has shared an update about his night time erections - just in case you were wondering.

Bryan Johnson, 46, hit headlines back in 2021 when he announced ‘Project Blueprint’ - his incredibly thorough, and expensive, plan to roll back the years.

The unusual regime, which costs around $2 million a year, sees Johnson putting himself through a whole host of bizarre techniques and protocols such as injecting himself with his 18-year-old son’s blood, adhering to a very precise sleep schedule, and sticking to a strict 1,977-calorie vegan diet.

Alongside this, he religiously tracks and collects data on just about every aspect of his life, including taking alarmingly detailed stats on his penis.

Speaking on an episode of The Diary of a CEO podcast last year, Johnson admitted that he had been painfully zapping his Johnson, with pretty positive effects.

Bryan Johnson showed off some incredibly personal stats at the weekend.
Instagram/ bryanjohnson_

He explained: “There’s this technology - you have a wand and you sit in a chair and the technician uses the wand and basically shocks your penis through acoustic technology.

“It’s a technology that has a broad range of applications, and it’s also used for erectile dysfunction.”

He went on to explain that the shocks, which aren’t electrical, cause micro-injuries to his muscle which then rebuild. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, it is painful.

Johnson says the overall treatment is about seven out of 10 on the pain-scale, but this hits nine out of 10 when it reaches the tip.

I’ll bet it does.

But Johnson insists the results speak for themselves and reckons he’s knocked 15-years off his penis - whatever that means.

He compared his stats to other age groups.

“I have been shocked by the results. I’m now two months in. My subjective experience is as if my penis has gotten 15 years younger,” he added.

Marvellous news, I’m sure you’ll all agree.

Over the weekend, he shared more data on his willy, this time showing off the length of time he maintains an erection over night.

Sharing a graph on Instagram, Johnson wrote: “My night time erections are now better than the average 18-year-old. Last night was 179 minutes.”

He then shared data showing the average for various age brackets, which had 20-29 year olds at around 145 minutes, while those in Johnson’s age group of 40-49 it was 106 minutes - more than an hour less than Johnson.

So, erm… congratulations, I guess, mate.

Featured Image Credit: Diary of a CEO

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