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Mums Shocked To Discover That Their Kids' Toy Animals Have Penises

Mums Shocked To Discover That Their Kids' Toy Animals Have Penises

These plastic animals are packing...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Mums have been registering their shock after buying Poundland toy animals, only to discover that the models all had little plastic penises.

Yes, the toys' anatomically correct body parts weren't immediately noticed by the concerned parents... but once they were seen, they certainly couldn't be unseen.

I mean, they're right there, aren't they?

In fact, in one instance it was the children who discovered them. That must have led to a few awkward questions about why they are there and what they're really for.

Facebook/Poundland Appreciation Society

After one toddler spotted that her lovely toy giraffe had a large appendage underneath, she told her mum about it - that mum then raised the alarm in the Facebook group 'Poundland Appreciation Society'.

She wrote: " 2 year old girl chose this today and brought it home to say 'mam... giraffes got a willy'.

"She's not wrong is she."

That opened the floodgates. Other mums rushed off to grab the plastic toy creatures out of their wee babies' hands and check whether or not they had been similarly well-endowed.

Facebook/Poundland Appreciation Society

Of course, it turned out that large numbers of them had.

At the last count, we've seen dogs, horses and more giraffes, all with willies.

This whole thing has been pretty divisive online - much as everything on the internet divides opinion, these days - with some people finding the whole thing funny, or even informative, but others being 'mortified'.

In response, one of the mums wrote: "Now that's what u call attention to detail for the toy maker."

Another person added: "My son chose this toy dog then when we got home i saw it also had a very real willy."

Yes, it sure as hell does.

Facebook/Poundland Appreciation Society

A third person commented: "We have the horses and dogs with the same...humm..Detail. I was mortified.

"Probably more detail on it then the animal to be fair."

One parent that was in favour of it argued: "Tbh I think it's great that kids toys can be anatomically correct without it being seen as 'unnecessary or sexualising'."

Facebook/Poundland Appreciation Society

This is just further proof that Poundland is there for literally every possible need you can think of. Need to teach your kids about where animal babies come from? They've got you.

Need to buy an engagement ring, but only have a pound coin in your back burner? Yep, they can cater for that.

Need to buy a vibrator for Valentine's Day? Of course. Well, Poundland has you covered there as well.

Poundland told us: "It's the little details that count"

Fair enough, then.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Poundland Appreciation Society

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