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Son Dresses Up As Mum In Failed Bid To Take Driving Test For Her

Son Dresses Up As Mum In Failed Bid To Take Driving Test For Her

The driving instructor became suspicious because of his 'big hands'

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

If, unlike me, you're in the 53 percent of people who don't pass your driving test first time, then you will probably be able to relate to one lady who ended up getting her son to try and pass it for her - by dressing up as her.

Heitor Schiave's 60-year-old mum Maria just couldn't get the hang of driving, with her nerves getting the better of her on her first three driving tests - it's easily done.

But her 43-year-old son wasn't having any of it. Heitor took matters into his own hands and decided he'd impersonate her.

For her fourth driving test, Heitor turned up. Reportedly dressed in women's clothes, he'd got himself a full face of make up and even got his nails done for the occasion.

Heitor, a mechanic from north Brazil, had a very fetching outfit to make sure it was believable, wearing a floral blouse, a long skirt and a lovely new feminine hair-do.

But, somehow, the suspicious driving inspector wasn't falling for it and decided to check his ID when he was on his test, saying his hands were big and he was awkward.

Aline Mendonça, examiner for Rondonia's State Traffic Department (Detran), told police: "His disguise didn't register as unusual at first because I had just finished testing my fifth candidate so was a little distracted.

"However, when I got into the car and sat down beside who I thought was the provisional driver, I quickly realised this was a man dressed as a woman.

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"He was doing his best to be feminine and as natural as possible. His make-up was really well done and he looked extremely good."

Well that's something then.

She added: "I asked him to show me his identity to verify who he was and it was soon clear he was not the person who had booked to sit the test. I then called the police as his actions had to be reported as a crime."

A video filmed by an unnamed bystander shows the moment Heitor gets out of the car and waits for the police to talk to the inspector.

He walks away and passed the group, who comment that his 'walk gives him away'.

Poor Heitor was only trying to help, but obviously passing someone's test for them poses a danger to others on the road. He confessed all to cops, saying his mum didn't know what he was up to.

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After he was arrested he could be seen sitting on a bench looking dejected, texting on his phone.

Schiave faces charges of identity fraud and attempting to deceive a government body. He has been released on bail while detectives open an investigation.

A call to the suspect's lawyer went unanswered.

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