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Who Is Blockade Australia And What Do They Want?

Who Is Blockade Australia And What Do They Want?

The activist group has promised to cause chaos this week in the country.

You might have recently become aware of protests in Australia blocking your way to work, or appearing unexpectedly on the news.

More than likely these protesters have been part of the network known as Blockade Australia, an organisation utilising direct action to cause cultural change at a national level.

In response to the Australian government’s lacklustre efforts to tackle the current ecological crisis, Blockade Australia do just as their name states: block major railway lines and roads of Australia.

Their site states they '[coordinate] mobilisations at economic bottlenecks and centres of political[ing] centralised, sustained and disruptive action to force the urgent broad-scale change necessary for survival'.

The organisation intends to prevent the destruction of the planet through people-led movements that target everyday functions of anthropogenic destruction. 

What Does Blockade Australia Want?

Blockade Australia’s climate activists have recently taken to the streets of the CBD in Sydney in a demonstration protesting the political inaction of Australian politicians on the ever-worsening conditions of climate change.

Around 60 members of the movement turned up to block off peak hour traffic in the city as well as access to the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, with a woman locking herself to the steering wheel of her car.

People marched towards the harbour chanting, playing drums, and blocking intersections, all with the intent of disrupting the exploitative systems at play which drive the infrastructure and the climate negligence that results from it.

Eleven climate protesters were arrested during the demonstration on Monday (June 27).

Police tried to suppress protests by 'raiding' the home base of Blockade Australia earlier last week.

The activist group tweeted: “We have been raided. Personal belongings taken, bodies hurt, car windows smashed, and property damaged.

"We need the support of our community to enable our week of disruption to resist Australia’s exploitation and destruction.”

Climate activists were also screamed at by disgruntled members of the public, and even run at with an SUV. Though thankfully, no one was hurt.

With attempts to prevent public protests, legislation was put into place earlier this year enabling demonstrators to be charged with up to two years in jail and up to $22,000 (£12,400) in fines.

As for what comes next, a spokesperson for Blockade Australia has said: “'Blockade Australia will continue to cause disruption and resist climate destruction in the days to come."

Featured Image Credit: Blockade Australia/Facebook

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