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‘Wolf of Wall Street’ mansion has been listed for £8.3 million

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ mansion has been listed for £8.3 million

The famed residence has a hefty price tag attached to it

For anyone on the hunt for a new property - look no further than the famed Wolf of Wall Street mansion.

Once the hub of all things decadence, opulence and, well, chaos - the property now retails for millions. Perfect for if you ever wanted to feel slightly more like Jordan Belfort...

The Wolf of Wall Street first hit our screens back in 2013 and seemingly hasn't left our minds since.

From Matthew McConaughey's iconic chest-beating scene to Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie's stand-out performances - the true crime-drama definitely left an impression on audiences.

And now, for any avid fans of the Martin Scorsese film, the mansion has now been listed for a staggering £8.3 million (approximately $10 million).

Complete with nearly five-acres of land and 15,000 square feet of interior space, this Long Island mansion is clearly not your average property.

The multi-million pound property, listed by Regina Rogers from Douglas Elliman Real Estate, holds six huge bedrooms, seven bathrooms and, bizarrely, three dishwashers.

Guess that takes care of the dishes!

The property holds six massive bedrooms including a primary bedroom suite.
Douglas Elliman Realty

Just an hour outside of Manhattan, the three-story mansion also boasts a wine cellar, brick pizza oven and a hot tub room.

It's definitely the perfect fit for any wall street banker's parties with insane outdoor features like a saltwater pool, a waterfall pond and a barn.

According to Insider, only the regal exterior was used in the film.

It's also not the first time the mansion has been listed for public sale, as it was first listed in 2015, two years after the film's release, for £12 million (approximately $14.5 million) and then re-listed in 2021 for the same price.

However, in April of last year, the price plummeted a few million.

The property description dubs the residence a 'Gold Coast enclave' and promises prospective buyers they will feel 'transported to Kentucky' upon viewing the grounds.

Anyone can feel like Jordan Belfort in the insane property.
Douglas Elliman Realty

Even offering up some info on the neighbours, the descriptions adds that buyers can expect to live side-by-side with 'equestrian minded folks'.

Called 'fairytale-like' and likened to a 'French chateau', fans of the famed residence were eager to share their thoughts on the listing.

Many were actually shocked by the price tag.

Some believed all the amenities and features would hike up the price a whole lot more than the asking price of £8.3 million (approximately $10 million).

One Instagram user wrote: "Only $10 million? I thought it’d be more."

"Actually seems like a really good deal," a second added.

The Long Island mansion has been likened to a 'French chateau'.
Douglas Elliman Realty

Also noting the bargain deal, a third commented: "That won’t last in the market."

Another even went as far to call it a 'decent price'.

Compared to properties elsewhere, one person felt that the asking price was a total steal, asking: "Why so cheap?"

With fireplaces, a balcony, a huge patio and even an elevator - maybe £8.3 million is good value for money.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount / Douglas Elliman Realty

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