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Woman baffled after being told popular restaurant 'doesn’t cater for vegans'

Woman baffled after being told popular restaurant 'doesn’t cater for vegans'

A TikToker has spoken out against a popular restaurant for being 'anti-vegan'

A TikToker has spoken out against a popular restaurant for being 'anti-vegan'. Even if you're not vegan, prepare to gape at the rudeness:

It's not hard to let vegans be vegans and we shouldn't exactly be rude to them, most of them are just trying to save the planet after all.

You may groan slightly if your vegan friend comes round for dinner and you don't have oat milk or vegan cheese in the cupboard and forgot that vegans don't eat eggs either, but many restaurants have made waves in recent years to make sure everyone's included on their menu.

However, one popular restaurant located in Essex has come under fire from a TikToker after they allegedly refused to cater for her vegan dietary requirements.

Sheesh is located in Essex.
@sheesh_uk/ Instagram

Amie-Beth was looking for somewhere nice to catch up with her mate after they arrived back from a holiday.

The pair decided to contact Sheesh in Essex after Amie-Beth's mum recommended it.

Despite having been a few years ago and allegedly being told she couldn't only order sides despite there not being any other vegan options on the menu, Amie-Beth rung up the restaurant to check if it would be possible this time.

Amie-Beth noted she and her friend hoped Sheesh may be okay with her being vegan considering they were letting the restaurant know in advance or perhaps the restaurant's policy had been updated since she last visited.

There are no vegetarian or vegan options visible on Sheesh's mains list.
Sheesh Restaurant

The TikToker said: "We rang them up [and said] basically my friend wants to come, she's a vegan so there's nothing on the main menu she can order, would it be okay if she just ordered sides? Because she's been before and that wasn't allowed?"

According to Amie-Beth, the woman on the end of the phone responded: "We don't cater for vegans. [...] I don't even know why a vegan would even want to come to our restaurant anyway."

Amie-Beth admitted Sheesh is 'fancy' and has a celebrity clientele - 'people don't just go there for the food they do genuinely just go there for the vibes'.

However, the TikToker added: "It's 2023, being a vegan ins't weird. we were just asking a question, fair enough if that's your policy, but [...] I just can't believe that a restaurant that is so well-known would be so rude."

Amie-Beth has slammed the restaurant as being 'anti-vegan'.
@amiebeth125/ TikTok

Viewers of Amie-Beth's video have flooded to the post in support of the TikToker.

One said: "Sheesh is very overrated due to celebs going there a lot. I agree x."

"Sheesh is literally all aesthetic and no substance! So many better alternatives in Essex," another wrote.

A third added: "Regardless of who they do/ don't cater for they should never ever be rude about it and if you want to go and just order sides that's your prerogative."

A final resolved: "If a restaurant doesn't offer vegan, vegetarian or gluten free options in 2023 it's dead! No excuse."

LADbible has contacted Sheesh for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @amiebeth125/ TikTok

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