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Woman banned from local pub after complaining the ‘pork had more fat on it than her ar*e’

Woman banned from local pub after complaining the ‘pork had more fat on it than her ar*e’

A woman got barred from her local boozer after complaining they served pork with 'more fat on it than her a**e'.

A woman ended up getting banned from her local pub after her hilarious complaints about the quality of their food on Facebook.

Katie Lou, 31, ordered some pub grub from a third party delivery service, but when it arrived she complained that her Sunday dinner 'looked like a kids meal' and was 'freezing' when it arrived.

Having forked out more than £20 to have the meal cooked and delivered, Katie got in touch with the Hope & Union pub in Stockton to complain, posting a picture of her dinner to social media.

The Hope & Union has a good reputation online, with a large majority of their customer reviews praising the place and being complimentary about the food.

It was also recently named one of The Guardian's 30 best pubs in the UK for a Sunday lunch, so there are other diners who had a much nicer experience than the one Katie was put through.

However, when she complained about the quality of her meal she ended up being told she'd been barred and wouldn't be allowed back again.

This was the pub grub meal Katie ended up getting delivered.
Evening Gazette

Katie was absolutely 'fuming' with the state of her meal, especially as she put it that 'the pork has more fat on it than my a**e'.

She said: "I thought I'd order from the Hope & Union in Stockton, and I ordered it and it came to about £15.50, and that was with an extra Yorkshire pudding.

"The dinner was meant to come with pork belly, crackling, apple sauce, creamy mash, seasonal greens, roasties, roast carrots, parsnips, and red cabbage.

"The apple sauce was missing and I got three carrots, two roasties, two parsnips, loads of peas in a pod, and a small portion of red cabbage.

"It also came with gravy on the side in a pot. I was not happy - I paid £15.50 and it looked like a kids meal.

"It was freezing cold and the potatoes tasted like they had been sat for a while and been re-cooked - they were dry."

Clearly unhappy with the state of her food she tried to call the pub and was told to get in touch with them via Facebook.

The Hope & Union pub has a good reputation from most customer reviews.
Facebook/Hope and Union

Switching to Facebook messenger, Katie sent the Hope & Union screenshots of the meal they'd made for her and said if she didn't get a response she'd put the picture on social media.

In response the pub said they 'won't be engaging' with her as they thought it was 'deplorable' and argued that 'our customer record speaks for itself'.

While they both wished each other a pleasant evening in their messages, the pub told Katie 'you're barred' and she said 'why would I want to come back to such a s**t place'.

LADbible has contacted the Hope & Union for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Evening Gazette

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