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Angry woman confronts blind man at the gym and accuses him of staring at her

Angry woman confronts blind man at the gym and accuses him of staring at her

Despite telling the woman he couldn't see, she grabbed the manager to give him a telling off.

A blind man has revealed the moment where he was accused of staring at a woman at the gym.

Pete Gustin is an American voice and on-screen actor as well as an avid surfer, skateboarder and wakeboarder.

He has a huge social media following, boasting 1.29 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

While he might be well known online for being the guy who doesn't let his blindness hold him back from doing adventurous things, he's not as recognisable at the gym.

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He posted a video about an encounter nine months ago, which has recently resurfaced online, about how he was called out for being a creep.

"I'm blind. If you know what those two words mean, then you're much smarter than the girl who was screaming at me at the gym," Gustin explained in the clip.

"I'm standing there doing a tricep pushdown exercise and since I can't see I'm just kind of staring off into space doing my thing.

"Half-way through a set I start hearing footsteps that seem like they're coming in my direction getting closer and closer.

"Until all of a sudden, this woman is right up in my face going 'I didn't come here to be stared at'. 'Ohhhh, I'm sorry, I'm blind', I say to her."

Despite revealing his disability to the woman, she replied saying she didn't care about his blindness and told him again to stop staring at her.

Genuinely jaw-dropping stuff here.

She stormed off and returned with the manager.

Pete pulled out his ID card that revealed he definitely is blind.

According to Pete, the manager responded with: "Okay, but you still can't make other gym members uncomfortable by looking at them." would he know if he was staring at someone if he can't see said person.

It's completely confusing how someone can't grasp that scenario.

If you listened to his video and wondered why he sounds so familiar it's because he's a voice actor for some of the biggest TV networks in the US.

He's done voice over work for the likes of CBS, Fox News, ESPON, NFL, Cartoon Network, Fox, Comedy Central, and the Major League Baseball.

Featured Image Credit: Pete Gustin/YouTube

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