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Conductor forced to intervene as woman shamelessly files feet on train leaving dust everywhere

Conductor forced to intervene as woman shamelessly files feet on train leaving dust everywhere

The woman refused to stop when a fellow passenger got involved

One of the biggest problems with public transport is... the public. They cannot be trusted. Case in point:

It's 9am on a packed train, people are writhing up against one another, sweaty backs, damp armpits and bad breath.

It is quite simply a pretty grim experience all round.

However, one woman took things to a new level of discomfort recently when she decided to have a little trim midway through her journey in London.

Unpleasant footage of the unnamed passenger has been shared on social media , showing her filing her feet as an avalanche of dusty skin falls around her.

Unsurprisingly, it got to such a point that someone actually got involved and asked her to desist.

When she refused, a member of staff on the Southwestern Railway service then came over and again told her to put her feet away and stop shaving her skin while onboard.

The woman was seen shaving her feet on a London train recently.
Jam Press

It's unclear whether she granted his request but I really hope she did.

Tai Roberts, 23, from Surrey, caught the bizarre incident on camera and branded it 'a train journey never to be forgotten'.

Since the video was posted on TikTok, it has been viewed over 71,000 times, with viewers left dumbfounded by the woman's behaviour.

Commenting on the post, on user said: "Forbidden parmesan!"

Another then asked: "Why do people do this stuff on trains and buses in London?"

"She had the nerve to put a tissue under her talons but not under where her foot dust was coming off lol," put a third.

While another added: "Why is it soooo loud!!! And she got a mask on for her own safety? Everyone on that train has inhaled a piece of her."

The conductor begged the woman to stop.
Jam Press

A passenger recently shared their outrage at boarding a train to find that someone had taken their seat.

You may think by getting in there quickly and booking yourself a forward-facing table seat with a plug socket you'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief when you step onto carriage F to travel all the way back from work, but oh how wrong you are.

this Redditer explained that when they came to their table seat, they were met with four guys who 'refused to move' because the train was 'packed' and they wanted to remain sat together.

The passenger continued: "The ticket collected passed and I asked him to help.

"He asked the guy to move but he refused and somehow that was that.

"'So what now?' I asked. 'You can find another seat but I have no power to move him, only the police and move him and they will not turn up just to move someone out of a seat,' [the ticket collector said]." [sic]

It's like the wild west out there, lads. Be careful.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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