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Woman finds heartwarming note nine years after dad's death he left for children to find one day

Woman finds heartwarming note nine years after dad's death he left for children to find one day

Amy Clukey found the letter in her father's 'beekeeping equipment'

A woman has shared a heartwarming note her dad left her before he died.

Amy Clukey's father, Rick, died almost a decade ago, and she didn't realise he had written the letter until she came across it recently.

The 53-year-old, she said, kept bees later in life when he moved from Florida to a farm in Chilhowie, Virginia.

And sharing the message to Twitter, the associate professor said she found it in his 'beekeeping equipment'.

The note, which was dated 27 June 2012, read: "I hope this note is found by one of my children who is curious about beekeeping.

"Beekeeping is actually pretty easy and you can learn everything you need to know online.

"Bees make more products than just honey and as a hobby it can be a source of extra income, so don't be afraid to have courage. Good luck, love, dad."

Amy explained that her dad would have written the note when he had terminal lung cancer.

She said: "He wrote this note around the time when the doctors told him that he didn't have much time left."

She added later: "It was incredibly hard for him and for all of us who loved him."

And while she said she lives in the city and is unable to keep bees herself, Amy revealed that two of her siblings were looking to carry on their dad's legacy.

Since it was posted, her dad's note has been liked more than 250,000 times, with hundreds piling into the comments to share memories of their own parents.

One user wrote: "That is a Godwink. I hope someone took up the hobby/biz. It's already been blessed.

Amy and her dad.
Amy Clukey

"Thanks for sharing. Lost my Pop in 2019. He was my best friend and I didn't know it until my 40s. I'm 55 now and miss him every day. This touched me. God bless."

Another said: "My dad wasn’t quite as sentimental but one of his favourite lines was 'when it’s not in use, turn off the juice'.

"Every time there’s a wiring job my brother goes down to the panel box that’s labeled in his handwriting and has to pause a few minutes."

A third wrote: "That's so sweet. My Pops died in November. I'd give about anything to find a note like this."

While another added: "We were given a note my dad put in the town time capsule in 1963 and opened in 2013.

"I sobbed uncontrollably when I read it. He's been gone since 1996."

After seeing the post take off, Amy said she couldn't believe how many people had commented and liked it, but that her dad would have approved.

She added: "He was an amazing storyteller and he loved an audience, so he would've liked it."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@AmyClukey

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