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Woman Says Man Was Living In Her Apartment With Her Without Her Knowing

Woman Says Man Was Living In Her Apartment With Her Without Her Knowing

It's something you'd never believe would happen until it happens to you.

Lots of people have had to put up what a roommate from hell, but one woman was apparently subject to the terrifying tale of a lodger she didn't even know was there.

The mysterious home invader in question was said to be a homeless man who had been known to frequent the building she lived in.

It turned out that for this woman, who goes by Decarahh on TikTok, he had found a new home in one of the empty rooms that used to belong to her roommates.

Worst of all, she says she spent hours in her apartment with him without even knowing he was there.

Taking to TikTok to explain her story, she explained that the trouble all started when she was sent an email warning her that a homeless man was roaming around the building she lived in.

This isn't even the shocking part, as she explained that 'this has happened before' and even the police being called wasn't enough to faze her.

The woman managed to get the homeless man to leave by stepping out and asking him to leave while she was gone.

She said: "We supposedly live in these luxury apartments but these homes, people don't give a f**k in Tucson.

"So basically I just go about my day and about two hours later I'm rushing out to meet a friend at the gym."

"I left my door unlocked, it's just a habit I've formed over the year because my roommates are usually home, somebody's always here, but they moved out a few days ago so I'm living alone."

When she returned home and checked through her emails she saw one that said the building authorities and police had been unable to find the homeless man.

They also told people to keep their doors locked – and this is the point when it dawned on her that's exactly what she hadn't done.

As you can probably guess by this point, when she checked her home for the guy she soon realised he was living there with her after she heard him snoring on the other side of a locked door.

Calling one of her friends who lived nearby, they predictably told her to get out of there as soon as possible.

As she did, she announced: "Hey, if there’s anybody in here, I’m literally leaving for five minutes. Just please leave."

Amazingly, the polite request worked as when the woman and her friend headed back up to her apartment they passed the homeless man on his way out.

She has since explained that her parents are making her move out of the apartment after the incident.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Alamy

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