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Woman 'gutted' after discovering she's queued the wrong way to see the Queen

Woman 'gutted' after discovering she's queued the wrong way to see the Queen

The woman totally missed out on the historical occasion

One woman in London was left totally 'gutted' after realising a mistake that cost her missing one of the biggest historical occasions.

After finding out she'd been going the 'wrong way' in the queue, this mourner was not able to see the late Queen's coffin.

The woman was 'gutted' to have missed out.
Sky News

Thousands and thousands of mourners from across the UK have flocked to queue all over London in order to see the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.

With wait-times of up to a staggering 24-hours, the queues have since been dubbed the 'most British thing ever'.

While many hardcore Royalists planned their queuing strategy days in advance, including some to even sleep on the streets for two nights so that they could be the first people to catch a glimpse of the casket, others clearly weren't as organised.

The monumental event – which has not happened since the death of Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI in 1952 – was completely missed by one woman who queued the 'wrong way'.

Speaking to Sky News, the mourner said: “We went the wrong way, so if we didn't go the wrong way we probably would have made it on time.

“We went across the bridge rather than straight over – it's a shame.”

The queue wait-time went up to 24-hours.
amer ghazzal / Alamy Stock Photo

She revealed that she has been waiting 'about two hours' before noting that she found the whole ordeal 'frustrating'.

"We didn't have a chance (to come earlier) because of work and other commitments," the woman aded, "So it was last minute, hoping... but it didn't work."

Many celebrities have also queued up to pay their respects to the late monarch, who reigned for 70 years.

These include David Beckham, who teared up standing in front of the Queen's coffin after queuing up since 2.00am.

However, speculation online began to circulate that This Morning presenters, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield jumped the queue.

One pair met in the queue to pay their respects to the late Queen.
Channel 4

The television show later released a statement denying the claims on Instagram: "We asked Phillip and Holly to be part of a film for this Tuesday’s programme.

"They did not jump the queue, have VIP access or file past the Queen lying in state – but instead were there in a professional capacity as part of the world’s media to report on the event."

There had even been potential romances blooming from the queue when two strangers who met in the queue declared that they would now be watching funeral together.

The Queen's funeral is set to take place at 11.00am today (19 September) at Westminster Abbey, where two minutes of silence will follow.

Featured Image Credit: Sky News

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