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Woman reveals she let her husband sleep with her bridesmaid on the night of their wedding

Woman reveals she let her husband sleep with her bridesmaid on the night of their wedding

It wasn’t your typical white wedding.

A bride let her husband sleep with one of her bridesmaids on the night of their wedding.

Katey, 26, from Plymouth, married her boyfriend of six years Dan, 25, in an intimate ceremony in Torquay, Devon earlier this year.

However, it wasn’t your typical white wedding.

The newlyweds who appeared in a recent episode of Love Don't Judge, shed light on their unconventional romance.

They have an open relationship and are allowed to hook up with friends.

Katey explained how they met another couple at a retreat when they began exploring the notion of open relationships.

Fast forward to Katey and Dan officially tying the knot, with one of their bridesmaids by their side.

However, this friend's bridesmaid duties were somewhat atypical, as the newlywed couple asked her to join them in the bedroom on their wedding night.

YouTube/Love Don't Judge

“We ended up taking one of my girlfriends up to our bedroom. We had some drinks and ended up having a threesome with her and it was really fun,” Katey said.

“She's one of my best friends so it was very comfortable.”

Dan added: “To do it on such a special day just makes it so memorable.”

However, Katey explained that her family disapproves of the couple having ‘friends with benefits’.

She added that many family members didn’t show up on the couple’s special day, labelling Katie and Dan's fetishes 'disgusting’.

“I think a lot of the judgement I received has been from my family. They disapproved of what I was doing and they don't really speak to me anymore because of it,” Katey added.

But despite the turbulent relationship with Katey’s family, the couple maintained they have many friends who still support them.

When asked if the couple is ever prone to jealousy watching each other be intimate with friends, Dan said: “The jealousy is kind of part of it, it makes things more exciting.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Love Don't Judge

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